The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Publié le 19 Juin 2022

The universal Church celebrates the feast of the Blessed Sacrament, Corpus Christi and all over the world we will see Eucharistic processions, which honour the Lord of the Eucharist. For each and everyone one of us, the Eucharist is a memory, a memory of the multiplication of the bread, a memory of the establishment of the Eucharist, the body delivered and the Blood poured out, on Holy Thursday, which ends in the Cross, in your hands I entrust my life. In this memory, the Eucharist is the heart of every celebration in the Church and it always will be. It is not good that this event should always remain in memory. It must make us live and relive, give us life, a new life in God, the Creator. By placing ourselves in adoration, before the Blessed Sacrament regularly, we form ourselves in the Eucharist to become Christ for our brothers and sisters, let us become Christs ourselves.  The Eucharist gathers us, unifies us, and forms us as one people.

It is the people who are represented in the person of Abraham, who recognises the graces received, by offering the right worship to God, by the offerings required by the law, and obviously welcomed by Melchisedec, king of Salem. Each time a priest is ordained, he is reminded of this priestly lineage, which Jesus perpetuated in Him. In Jesus, through Baptism, and even more so in the Eucharist, we all become priests, because we offer ourselves to the Lord, we become prophets, because we proclaim his death and resurrection, and we become kings, because we place ourselves at the service of God's people. In this pilgrim journey, each and every one of us is called to take their own path of faith, in freedom, with their own rhythm.

The multiplication of the bread helps us to discover the divine journey. It is God who comes towards us and into us, into our hands. It is God who becomes aware of our needs, to feed us, to accompany us, and to save us. In Jesus, the whole earth, the whole of creation is renewed. For this renewal to be ours, we must give ourselves to the Lord, like this bread, which will be multiplied by the Lord Himself. He has already promised us that if we remain faithful to his commandment of love, they will come to us and remain in us.

The Eucharist makes us worthy, so that our heart becomes the dwelling place of God.  Through the incarnation God took on our flesh, and He became man, like us, without sin. In the Eucharist, He becomes Terry, He comes you and me, with our limitations and strengths. He has chosen us as his instruments, so that the Kingdom of his Father may come. It is important, therefore, that we become aware of this divine need, and learn to respond to it, through our daily commitments, for the good of all.

Certainly, like the Lord’s disciples at the time of the multiplication of the bread, who understood nothing, we too do not understand in its totality the depth of this gift that God has offered us in his Word and in his flesh. Like the disciples of the Lord, who passed on this mystery to us, we must pass it on to our generations, for divine love is inclusive, a dynamic of integration. May all be saved.

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