13th Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 26 Juin 2022

Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem, to the fulfilment of the divine will. Before the resurrection of Lazarus, it was Thomas who told us, let us go up with Him, and die with Him. With a firm determination, Jesus is advancing towards Jerusalem, the holy city of God. Being fully  aware of rejection, a rejection total, not only by the people of Israel, even by the Samaritans, and pagan world.   It is there, in this holy city, chosen by God that everything will change and everything will start again. Everything will change, because there will be a new tradition and the people will learn to adore God in Spirit and in Truth. Everything will begin again, because the divine will find its fulfilment par excellence in His only Son, a toal accomplishment of the divine promise.

Nothing will stop, neither the divine project nor his will. We will see failure all the time. It is a pity it was the Samaritans who did not want to receive Him. His own people have rejected Him. God will find another way, like the wise men who came to adore the new born king, and who were instructed to take a new path. Something new is unfolding. James and John, who wanted to take the place of the right and left, in the glory of God, the very ambitious students of the old school, will learn to act, not according to the rules that have been established, but according to this new commandment that Jesus will establish on the Cross. Love one another as I have loved you.  Violence and destruction, will gave way to forgiveness and reconciliation, which bring all together.

The readings of the day give us a single message: Discipleship and the joy of that disciple. My soul exalts the Lord and my spirit exults in God my Saviour.

I have no other happiness than you.

You teach me the way of life:

before your face, overflowing with joy!

At your right hand, eternity of delight!


How happy we are to hear this! How we would like it to be our hymn of the day! A feeling of being fulfilled, of having accomplished everything, a life laid down in peace, a life so hectic and yet so oriented ..... Now we ask ourselves this fair question: how can we appropriate this life?

Jesus suggests three ways: First of all, be free and committed. Free, because the Son of Man has none of the things you seek in Him. No honour, no power. You will see Him with empty hands, reaching out to you, to embrace you, to accompany you, and to protect you. The glory of man is found in his freedom, a pure and sincere heart, capable of standing upright and just before God.

The second, live in the present, and take care of yourself. Before going to the other, learn to stand up. Illuminate yourself, and you will be de facto the light of the world, and salt of the earth. If you want to stand back, if you want to live in the past, well, you can't be the disciple of the Lord. Look ahead and go forward, for there is a world waiting for you. You have a mission and carry it out.

The third advice: perseverance, an adventurous life, a response to call and not of your initiative. Nothing is easy. You have discerned well, don't back down. You have started a job, go to the end. You are called and sent. Be aware of this call and vocation. Once said YES to the Lord, don’t look back. Struggles are part of life. It will come and go, but you, remain steady and faithful to the vocation. The Lord who has called is with you and praying for you.

Before you become a disciple of the Lord, you must know him, not as a famous person, with a very rich teaching, be a member of His fan club, but as a person who loves you. Know Him in Fath, applaying your intelligence and love Him in truth. It is in love that you become His disciples. It is important that you define your relationship with Him, not from everything you have learned from outside world, even from the Holy Scriptures, as a beautiful and lovely divine relationship, rather from within, deep from your heart, where you hear the murmuring sound like a melodious music. It is from here that you are called and formed as a disciples of the Lord. It is here, within your heart that you will feel the joy of being His disciple, Amen.




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