Sunday Homily

Publié le 21 Mai 2022

Jesus prepares for his departure and takes care of his disciples. He makes them discover the power of his Word, the Word that became flesh. He asks them to welcome him, his Word and his person. Welcoming his Word in his person is a mystery that the chosen people will later discover, as we do today, the Word and the Eucharist, both together.  As the Word will permeate the body and the mind, so the flesh will also disappear, in the body, making us worthy to receive the Trinity. "We will come to him and make a home with him.” In his person we are invited to listen to, and also to discover his Father. Everything comes from him, including his words, the Word. His departure is not necessarily bad for his disciples, because they discover in his absence, the active presence of the Holy Spirit and the Father who sends Him to us.

Accepting the Word, therefore, is an opening to the transformation of our being, man welcomes God in himself and lets himself be consumed by the divinity and thus for the world, by his words and deeds, in him he makes the divine presence discover. To worship God, we are no longer obliged to look for the sanctuaries, because in Eucharist God consumes the world in its totality. We all of us carry the Holy Spirit, the dwelling place of God. The Holy Spirit reminds us, reminds us of all that Jesus taught us and makes us remember. His Words will be our food and we will live by His Word. 

Fidelity to this Word received and consumed is a gesture of love. Everything happens in love.  It is in this love that Jesus shared everything with us. Today He shares with us His peace, the peace of heaven, the inner peace, the peace in Jesus Christ.  In the face of the upheaval of history, of human value, inner peace will help us to discern and to act, totally anchored in Jesus Christ, the Word received, everything according to the Word is done.  The Antioch community teaches us to act in the face of a new teaching that makes it retreat. This community asks us to turn towards God, towards his disciples. The branch that clings to the vine bears much fruit. The peace that Jesus gives us is a fruit of this attachment to the source, the Word of God.

The word we have received, and our faithfulness to that word, makes us believers. In faith, we must all love God. Let others know that we are Christians through love, demands St. James.  Love makes this faith visible, the source of our words and actions. We must recognise that not all the words we hear are the right ones. That is why we must let the Holy Spirit teach us. Send us the Holy Spirit, who renews the face of the earth, Amen.


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