27th of February

Publié le 26 Février 2022

We are living in a difficult moment with the disturbing news. Dialogue is losing its power and violence is taking hold with all legitimacy.  Whatever the situation, the weak and poor are the victims. Last Friday, the Holy Father showed us a very good way of dialogue, even going beyond the protocols, for peace and reconciliation. He reminds us that dialogue and non-violent means are always available to us. In this moment of precariousness, we must give ourselves time before acting brutally.  We need to look inwardly than outwardly. 
Today's Gospel invites us to review our life, our inner life. It invites us to look, to observe and to listen, all that’s happening in ourselves. In this process, we must recognise our blindness and our ignorance. No one has the whole truth. All that we have is partial, as St. Paul told us. In this partial truth, no one has the legitimacy and need to listen others, enter into dialogue. 
The best way to identify the person whom we speak or we addressee, is the fruit that he or she gives to us. That is why you have to look at the fruits that you give daily. Are they good and tasty? Good fruit attracts the birds of the air and all are happy. What is this fruit that you give to the humanity that identifies you as this or that person? "Every tree is known by its fruit," says today's gospel.  Shouldn’t you look into it? 
The tempter of the world tells us that you cannot trust, and violence is the solution. We must do it here and now. The temptation is great to remove the weed from the field in the morning. A Good Master will wait, so that there are no victims, no violence. The evil one has no patience. They must be destroyed, the wretches that they are, a very dangerous position. 
Jesus reminds us of another truth that is often forgotten. God created the world and found it good. The good and the bad are together and we are invited to make our own discernment. God knows that we are good. At the same time, sadly all that we say and do are not necessarily good. If you are good, you will take out of you what is good. If you are bad, you will take out what is bad in you.  It is not everything that comes in from the outside that makes us unclean, but everything that comes out of our mouths. Let us watch our thoughts and the words that come out of our mouths, they will one day transform them into action. 
Luke in truth calls us to mercy, to live in truth, in fraternal charity and to imitate the Master who is Christ. Since we are the disciples of the Lord, we must be converted, a deep conversion, which will be able to express a good word and will produce good fruit through actions in accordance with the teachings of love.

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