Sunday Homily

Publié le 9 Janvier 2022

We celebrate the baptism of the Lord. The Gospel reveals to us a people who were waiting for a Messiah, and also the prophet Elijah who was to come before the Messiah to prepare the way. A joyful waiting in certainty. An expectation that sends us back to the past, a past of misery that pursues us to the present.  An expectation of a better life, and a joyful one, if possible. It is an expectation that decries our faith and our hope.  The people who waited for a Saviour, the shepherds who kept watch all night, the wise men who knew how to interpret the supernatural signs in the sky, saw a Light rising from above that dispelled the darkness. 

Today, it is God himself who comes to manifest himself and in this manifestation he reveals himself by announcing Good News, news of assurance and peace. He addresses each of us in a personal way, giving us a new identity, never heard of and never seen: "You are my beloved". This personal announcement is audible and the signs given are visible to all those who have faith.

The baptism of the Lord brings us together as one people, the people of God, believing and fervent, faithful to the commandment of love.  Through our baptism we have responded to Jesus' call to Nicodemus: "You must be born again. We have a new birth, a birth to God, and we become his beloved, bearing in us his NAME, the holy name, CHRIST. For this people of the world, for our contemporaries, we owe the Body of Christ. That is why we are in this church to celebrate the Eucharist, all together, and we will become through this celebration the Eucharist for our brothers and sisters.

In celebrating the baptism of the Lord, we remember our baptism which transforms us. Thanks to this baptism that we have a new language, a new way of looking at ourselves and at the world. This view is filled with love and mercy. God has chosen us, not because we deserve it, but in his mercy he has raised us as his children. This gaze forbids us to speak ill of others, it forbids us to quarrel, to separate, to divide, etc. This gaze brings us together, and we are united by it and forms us as divine beings.

We thus become, in this new birth, a new creation, born of the Spirit and of fire. A creation faithful to his command, like the new Adam, who remained faithful to his Father's will. Faithful to our baptismal commitment, by keeping the light of the risen Christ always burning, we will participate in the fulfilment of the will of Jesus' Father. Through our commitments, Jesus will fulfil in us the prophecy of the prophet Isaiah, and the people will be freed from every form of slavery, including sin.

You are my beloved son, and in you I place all my trust. Dear brothers and sisters, God needs you and me. God has put his trust in us, so that his joy may be complete in all creation. That is why, moved by the Holy Spirit, Jesus went into the desert to be tempted by Satan. And he will come out of the desert victorious over all the temptations of the world. Let us not be afraid of this darkness that can do nothing. Let us walk with him in the desert and never be left alone. All that was visible in the Lord's baptism makes visible to us all that was invisible to the world, the Trinity. Let us acknowledge that we are children of this triune God and let us honour the baptism we have received by welcoming the diversity of God's people, Amen.

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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