25th Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 19 Septembre 2021

Jesus is on the road and he does it with discretion, because the disciples were not able to understand either the divine project or the mystery of death and resurrection. By going with them, He leaves them free, free to think and act. He wishes that they discover for themselves the thoughts that dwell in their hearts. The Lord was observing their thoughts and He will come back to them as soon as they get home and ask them this question, "What were you discussing on the way? It was no longer in stealth, but direct, so that they would discover for themselves the subject that preoccupied them was against the divine will.

They were on their way, happily with the Lord, and we are still on our way, on our way to the perfection of holiness, a holiness willed by the Lord. Very often we are like those disciples, very disconcerted or disoriented, unable to discern the essentials of life, or like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, or like Mary Magdalene, hovering in the depths of our feelings and sentiments. Jesus comes to meet us, as usual, without any warning, without making any noise, to accompany us. He invited Mary to the tomb, and he walked with the disciples of Emmaus, and all of them understood at the end of these encounters the death and resurrection of the Lord, which had a deep meaning, rich in mystery that the world has not yet fully understood. He would like us to understand this mystery and to live it fully.

For this, the Lord presents us with a little child, as He embraced the incarnation, in all humility, in this child He presents Himself to us all. His disciples are invited to welcome this child of God who dwells in the depths of our being, a child who seeks the truth in all confidence and certainty. To welcome this child is in truth to become this child, and to become this child is in some way a rebirth that the Lord proposed to Nicodemus. There we would accept others who are different, as they are, with a joy of meeting them and knowing them to recognise them. We would welcome them, not because they deserve our welcome, but simply because the Lord who sends them to us deserves it.

We must never forget the first reading of the day. The wicked are there, they are with us and from time to time we are with them. Let us watch over the thought that dwells in our interior, for as St. James tells us, "jealousy and rivalries lead to disorder and all kinds of evil deeds. May we be inhabited by divine wisdom, which will help us to place ourselves at the service of the people, the people that God so loves. 


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