24th of September

Publié le 23 Septembre 2021

Gospel text

(Lk 9,18-22): 


One day when Jesus was praying alone, not far from his disciples, He asked them, «What do people say about me?». And they answered, «Some say that you are John the Baptist; others say that you are Elijah, and still others that you are one of the former prophets risen from the dead». Again Jesus asked them, «Who then do you say I am?». Peter answered, «The Messiah of God». Then Jesus spoke to them, giving them strict orders not to tell this to anyone. And he added, «The Son of Man must suffer many things. He will be rejected by the elders and chief priests and teachers of the Law, and put to death. Then after three days he will be raised to life».


The Application


We all wish to have a healthy relationship with God. However, very often our relation is conditioned by what we receive than what God is for us.  Our prayers are limited with simple supplications and intercessions. Though we are pious and sincere, we haven’t be able to build a personal relationship with God. This God still remains very far away from us, a heavenly Father, beyond our reach. Very few of us are able to relate with Jesus as God. This God remains still a God of glory than a God who suffers with us.


Today, Peter is invited to discover, not a Lord of glory and honour, but a Lord on the Cross, a God who gives himself, for the salvation of the world. He will follow his Lord, on the same path, which will lead him to the cross, the cross that the Lord has asked him to carry, his own cross. As you read this gospel, do you have a personal response to Jesus for His personal question? Who is he really for you? A prophet, a great teacher, a banker, a doctor, a donor.....?


Jesus did ask the disciples to observe and understand the way the world look at Him. He wishes that we don’t imitate this worldly understanding of God, as a resurrected ONE, ignoring the Cross and the death. The suffering and pain was the path that Jesus has taken and we as disciples, can’t wilfully avoid such occasions of suffering for God. Suffering for God, is denying myself for God, allowing the Holy Spirit to animate in and through me, and at the end, consecrate my full life, for the accomplishment of divine will. And I do it in love and freedom.


Action of the day: See in your personal suffering and pain, the way to resurrection.

«What do people say about me? (...). Who do you say I am?»


Fr. Pere OLIVA i March

(Sant Feliu de Torelló, Barcelona, Spain)


Today, in the Gospel we find two questions that our Master is asking to all of us. The first one requires an approximate statistical reply: «What do people say about me?» (Lk 9:18). This forces us to look around and see how others answer this question: our neighbours, our work mates, our friends, our closest relatives... We look about ourselves and we feel more or less responsible or close —depending upon the cases— for some of the replies given by those who have some connection with our environment, and us “the people”... And, their answers say a lot, inform us, position us and make us realize what those who live next to us are looking for, what they need, what they desire. It helps us to tune in, to discover a meeting point with the other party, to grow closer...

But, there is a second question for us: «Who then do you say I am?» (Lk 9:20). This becomes a fundamental question knocking at our door; a question demanding from each one of us: adhesion or denial; veneration or aloofness; to walk along with him and in him or just end up a relationship of simple sympathy... This is a delicate and determining question, because it affects us. What do our lips and attitude say? Do we want to be faithful to Him who is and gives a meaning to our life? Is there to be found a sincere disposition in us to follow him in our journey through life? Are we ready to go with him to the Jerusalem of the Cross and the Glory?

«It is a path of Cross and Resurrection (...). The Cross is the Exaltation of Christ. He said it too: ‘When I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people to Me’. It is evident, therefore, that the Cross is the Glory and exaltation of Christ» (St. Andrew of Crete). Are we then ready to move on to Jerusalem? Only with him and in him, is this not so?


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