23rd Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 5 Septembre 2021

The readings of the day invite us to discover the divine work, especially in a pagan terrain where Jesus opens his ears and makes his Word heard. An exceptional event is produced by a community commitment that has recognised in Jesus, the Saviour, the Envoy of the Father, like many other pagans contemporaries of Jesus.  Certainly, the people of his country could not recognise his presence, as a divine presence.  Today, the presence of Jesus in this land has moved everyone to make the most of a great teacher.  This recognition of his presence by a community makes all burst into joy which requires a resemblance of all, with an open and welcoming approach. It is in this gathering and openness that Jesus chose to act, so that through this man the whole world would discover the divine power, the universal salvation, a God who comes to us, to save all. 

He will not take the whole world. He will take him alone, apart from the crowd, with a particular attention that is nevertheless palpable and visible to all. By this gesture, he makes us discover how God restores a divine closeness, totally unknown in this world.  He looks at him with a look full of tenderness and compassion. In this look, he is not alone. He will associate himself with his Father and the Holy Spirit. He will repeat the same gesture of his Father, "He breathed and said to him. The Word becomes a flesh. Let man hear the Word and proclaim it. A gesture that the Church imitates perfectly and rightly in baptism, "Effata, open up.

Jesus invites us with this man to listen to the Word of God, open our hearts and to proclaim it to the whole world. Go to the whole world and proclaim the Good News and baptise them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. We are going to announce not only our experience and the feelings, rather the PERSON, Jesus, God Man. In Jesus we recognise, like Mary, the wonders done by our God. He comes to visit us in Jesus.

Today we are invited to imitate Jesus, our Master, in welcoming, in closeness and in service. Like Jesus, we must turn our heads towards heaven, invoking the Holy Spirit, so that our words and actions are life-giving words, words that open our ears and make us hear the truth. Very often our words are not right before God, very far from the truth. In Jesus God Himself comes to remove the evil, the injustice in our society. In this way, He will accomplish the will of the Father.

Let us open our ears to hear the good words, that the Word of God may enter into the depths of our being and purify our conscience. Let us open our mouths, so that this Word of life may come out of our mouths and save the people of God. God needs us, so that the promise made to Abraham may be fulfilled in us. Let us praise the Lord while we live, Amen.




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