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Today we celebrate one of the greatest Marian feasts. In truth, this is our feast, for in her God reveals to us all that we can expect from God. By looking at Mary, we learn about the graces that God generously offers us. Mary helps us to discover God and teach us how we can respond positively to the divine expectations.


Yet, a woman full of sunshine, a woman full of light, among her adversaries who expect to devour her child, her hope, she  by God's grace, will run with Joseph, towards the direction God will show her, without knowing that she is accomplishing all that prophets have already prophesised. Like Mary who protected her child, the child God, she will protect us, her spiritual children, the children of God, especially through her intersession.


Since we are her children, it is natural that we imitate Mary's humanity, which we share in our own humanity. Imitation of Jesus, while not impossible, we recognise that it is difficult. On the other hand, the imitation of Mary, we must recognise, is not simply a possibility, but our humanity, by its very nature, facilitates it and makes us to participate in it.  While celebrating this great feast, we are called to imitate her, particularly her docility to the Word of God, and the way she responded to God, in her humanity.

Let us look at her humanity  and let us imitate her.


His readiness.

Her Yes, did not take long. She simply had to hear God to respond, 'This is the Lord's servant. We see it even in her personal and family relationship. As soon as she hears the good news of her cousin, she already sees how much she can bring to Elizabeth. We find in her a particular hurry, hurry to help and to be with.

She brings peace and joy

Her presence in daily life brings peace and joy to the people around her. All were joyful. The source of this joy, of course, is not Mary. She is aware of this truth, for Elizabeth, moved by the Holy Spirit, recognises in her cousin the Mother of God. Even if the source of joy is the same, the reason is quite different. Since joy springs from the hearts of men, and the heart of each person is unique, each of us must find the reason for our joy within ourselves, deep within our heart and mind.  "Blessed is she who believed that the words spoken to her by the Lord would be fulfilled.  Mary was happy, because she was able believe and to accomplish everything the Angel asked of her. It is in the doing the will of the Father that Jesus found the joy.


A woman connected

She is connected to history, the history of the people of Israel, her people, and she actively participates in it, thinking that everything God has done in history, He has done it for her. The wonders done in history are part of her own history. She remembers all that God has done for her people. A look of gratitude and thanksgiving. By looking at the life of the people of Israel, she shows us a God full of mercy and full of love. A God close to the people. In this contemporary world, it’s not enough that we are connected ion Facebook and Instagram, more importantly to people and to our own history.


Understanding God's time.

She participated in the hope of the people, a people waiting for their Saviour, without knowing that God had already chosen and consecrated him. God takes His own time and she was able to give him the time God wanted. God told her, that was enough. A Lady filled with patience and perseverance. Even if all that was promised was not visible and palpable, for Mary everything was OK. Her YES was final and definitive.  The Gospel of Luke makes this clear to us when it says that she kept everything in her heart and meditated on it.

Dear brothers and sisters, while celebrating this great feast day, shall we make one of her qualities as ours and learn from her to listen to the Word of God and put it into practice?


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