24th of August

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Gospel text

(Jn 1,45-51): 


Philip found Nathanael and said to him, «We have found the one that Moses wrote about in the Law, and the prophets as well: He is Jesus, son of Joseph, from Nazareth». Nathanael replied, «Can anything good come from Nazareth?». Philip said to him, «Come and see». When Jesus saw Nathanael coming, he said of him, «Here comes an Israelite, a true one; there is nothing false in him». Nathanael asked him, «How do you know me?». And Jesus said to him, «Before Philip called you, you were under the fig tree and I saw you». Nathanael answered, «Master, you are the Son of God! You are the King of Israel!». But Jesus replied, «You believe because I said: ‘I saw you under the fig tree’. But you will see greater things than that. Truly, I say to you, you will see the heavens opened and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man».



The Application


It’s wonderful to have friends like Phillipe in our daily lives, who look for what is better for us, than looking inwardly of their personal desires. Nathanael was pushed and compelled by the friendship which he will oblige with gladness, and came out of curiosity, with lot of scepticism, to see a man, a prophet, a messiah, etc., like Zacchaeus.  Jesus looks at Him and identifies him, not as a stranger, rather a well know figure of His life that He has already seen him. Thus, He will invites him to look into all that he could not now see with his human intelligent eyes, will see later with an eye of faith, the heaven and the angels of the Lord. For this, Jesus will invite him to be born again.


Nathanael has had the impression that he is alone in his search for the truth, in his research in the sacred scriptures, in his thirst for divine realities. He will discover that he was already being followed, observed and somehow accompanied, so that he comes here, in an evening for an encounter, a divine encounter with the source of life, and to live eternally in the light. "Before Philip spoke to you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you.


Jesus' look is astonishing and from time to time surprising. We believe, like Moses, that God has forgotten us, and his silence in the face of our daily miseries weighs heavily on us. Yet God assures us that he is there with us and in us, participating in every stage of life, suffering and enjoying with us. If we remain faithful and trust in his goodness and generosity, we too will be invited to participate, like Nathanael, in the dazzling events of Heaven. On our part, let us not forget to be Philip to our brothers and sisters who are still seeking the Lord 'under the fig tree'.


Action of the day: Trust and listen.


Daily Quote from the Early Church Fathers:


The Lord of Angels,

by John Chrysostom (347-407 AD)


"Do you see how he [Jesus] leads him [Nathanael] up little by little from the earth and causes him no longer to imagine him as merely a man? For one to whom angels minister and on whom angels ascend and descend, how could he be a man? This is why he said, 'You shall see greater things than these.' And to prove this, he introduces the ministry of angels. What he means is something like this: Does this, O Nathanael, seem to you a great matter, and have you for this confessed me to be King of Israel? What then will you say when you see 'angels ascending and descending on me'? He persuades him by these words to receive him as Lord also of the angels. For on him as on the king's own son, the royal ministers ascended and descended, once at the season of the crucifixion, again at the time of the resurrection and the ascension, and before this also, when they 'came and ministered to him' (Matthew 4:11). They also ascended and descended when they proclaimed the good news of his birth and cried, 'Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace' (Luke 2:14), when they came to Mary and also when they came to Joseph... Our Lord made the present a proof of the future. After the powers he had already shown, Nathanael would readily believe that much more would follow." (excerpt from the Homilies On the Gospel of John 21.1)


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