22nd Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 29 Août 2021

In today's gospel, Jesus addresses three different groups by giving them three different orientations, particularly pointing them what is essential in life and what is pleasing to God.  For the elite group, like the Pharisees and scribes, the ordinary people, like the crowd and third group is his disciples who follow the Lord. 
These groups of people are just ourselves, in three different times of life, with different responsibilities, and situations.  The elites represent the parents, the elders of the family, the teachers, etc., to whom the Lord says, "you have not understood the sacred scriptures, nor his teachings. That is why you are wasting a lot of your energy in those little  things that are secondary in nature.  You by your personal interest and rigidity of law and traditions, fail to be merciful and knid. The law of Moses was given in love and not to punish people. 
The crowd is represented by a group that is disappointed or scandalised by the life of the elites of society, who mislead them, very often by the man made laws, ingoring the divine will. The Lord invites us, not to point your finger at these people, but rather to look at your own interiority.  Once your interior self is good, then God who sees your innerself will guide you and accompany you. The solution to our problems is not found on the outside, but on the inside.  There is no one interest in looking outwards, and if we learn to look inwardly, there is a good chance of conversion, which will assure us inner peace and joy. 

The disciples are represented by the people who love and follow the Lord.  To follow the Lord, our hearts must be pure and the first thing to do is, conversion. Our sunday celebrations and daily prayers should help us to live  like God's children: Purity in thought and sincerity in action.  A heart filled with love and charity is the best way of follwoing the Master. He has come to save us by His death and we can't be his disciples with a evil filled heart. 

Whatever may be our situation in life, for all of us there is one important message: Our God is near and when we call Him, He responds quickly. We are a covenant people who have promised to God that we will be faithful to His commandment of love.  In this faithfulness, we will be a wise and intelligent people. Are we always wise and intelligent in our discernment and in our actions?

What we have read from the first reading was  Moses' last speech to the people where he asks them to listen to him and to practice all that God has taught.  We must recognise that everything comes from God and belongs to the Lord. Since our God remains faithfull, we should be faithful to Him. 

Indeed, man becomes god of his own creation by teaching a new teaching consistent with contemporary thought, and by distancing himself from the Author of life, God. He will remain faithful to the law and tradition. Jesus warns us of this and reminds us today by inviting us to go to the essentials of life. 

The essentials of life consist of two important elements. Let us become friends of Christ and be true disciples, like a branch attached to the vine. By uniting ourselves to the divine will, we will conduct ourselves in a perfect way that will please God. A life by God and in God will never harm our brothers and sisters, nor will it outrage our neighbour. By living a life worthy of God, we will become the tent, the dwelling place of God. 


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