22nd of August

Publié le 22 Août 2021

Life offers us many opportunities and we are asked to make a good discernment, so that we can take advantage of them. It is in this discernment that man discovers his own priority and the foundation of these values.  Joshua invited his people and asked them to make a good choice. God gives us this freedom, so that in this discernment we choose life and God. Serving this God and being faithful to his teaching will grant us life and peace.

Yet it is difficult to find this God and to feel his presence all the time in life, especially when we are regularly upset. That is why we must always remain connected to history, our salvation history, which will help us not only to discover the wonders done over the years, but also to love God and trust in Him.

It is in this love for the Lord that we listen to His Word, even if we do not understand it all. Like Mary, we will keep everything in our hearts and meditate on it every day. For some weeks we have been contemplating the teaching on the Eucharist and all that God offers us.

Understanding the Eucharist and its influence in our daily lives is essential to better live our faith. The contemporaries of Jesus did not understand the Word of God, the importance of the Person, nor his presence. That is why, instead of understanding Him and dialoguing with Jesus, they left Jesus, went off alone in anger and sadness, without returning.

Here Jesus is addressing us, "Do you also want to leave?" If we recognise the importance of Jesus and the source of our existence, we will not leave him. We must always ask ourselves this very important question of life. Why do I come to church? Is the reason for being there a person, friends, or the priest?

Jesus tells us, "This is why I told you that no one can come to me unless it is given to him by the Father. We come to church to worship God, to give Him glory, to say Thank You and to make supplication. If we haven’t understood this invitation, we will go home without understanding the message that God wants to share with you, without understanding the missionary and baptismal vocation.

The Lord needs Mary, Martha's sister, so that we may be, like her, the first witnesses of the resurrection, always bringing the good news of life, telling the people that He is alive. To do this, we must remain with the Lord, like the disciples of Emmaus.


Friends of Christ, let us give the best of ourselves to Christ, clinging to him like the branches that cling to the vine. Jesus' prayer was, "That they may be one as we are ONE." Let us not depart from Christ, for in and through Jesus we shall be saved. Amen.


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