15th Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 11 Juillet 2021

The weather is warm and the holidays are already getting us in the mood. In order to live these strong times as a family and keep our batteries well charged, the Church proposes the Gospel of Mark, reminding us of the mission that the Lord entrusted to us at our baptism.  "Jesus called the twelve and sent them on their mission. We here in europ during these days  will pause, voluntarily pause, to better respond to this divine call.  Any change or new beginning is difficult, and if accepted graciously and freely, it can bring us new energy. Last Sunday we gave thanks to God for all that He has done for us through the Beloved Father, and we continue to pray for Him and His new mission.

Life in these changes gives us many opportunities and means, so that by using them we can have joy and happiness and grow together in faith and humanity. For this, God gives us the necessary powers, through gifts and talents, so that through human hopes, man can discover the hope that God brings us. This hope, rooted in God, helps us to move from human needs and expectations to the fulfilment of God's will.

St Paul tells us: if we live, we live for the Lord and if we die, we die for the Lord. Our Sunday gathering is an act of love, a response to the divine call, where we praise and thank God for his wonders. It is Christ who is at the centre of our actions and our celebration. Since we believe in the divine presence in the human heart, in every human act, we are called to discover the envoys of the Father and the divine works.

In discovering this divine presence, we proclaim the Good News, the Kingdom of God, not alone, but with others, for God has chosen us and is sending us two by two. The Church of the Lord gives good witness to the people of God, through the celebration of the sacraments, as a community that prays and celebrates together. All called, consecrated and sent.

In this Eucharistic celebration, the Church proclaims Christ to the world, and shares with it the divine hope. This hope is revealed in human acts, simple and concrete acts, especially in our daily commitments. Very often we are that prophet Amos, who reminds us of a truth: we were ordinary people, but God has raised us up as the beloved of the Father. God chose us, not today, but even before the creation of the world, so that we would be, in love, holy and blameless in his eyes. St. Paul tells us again, "God has filled us with wisdom and understanding by revealing to us the mystery of his will, of what he has planned in Christ.... summing up everything in Christ."

Before we can proclaim the Good News, we must be converted and become true disciples of Christ, friends of Christ. I invite you not only to announce the Good News, like the Apostles of the Lord, but also to be the people who welcome those who are sent by the Lord. May those who are sent by the Lord feel this divine accompaniment, through your welcome and openness. The way we welcome each individual we meet in our daily life, each faithful person who enters our church, we are already announcing this Kingdom of God.  On this Sunday, especially in this holiday season, let us ask the Lord to bring us back to the essentials: to free us from all that clutters us; may the power of his Word and the breath of his Spirit make us available to be witnesses and messengers of his message of love and reconciliation, Amen.

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