4th of June

Publié le 3 Juin 2021

Gospel text

(Mk 12,35-37): 


As Jesus was teaching in the Temple, he said, «The teachers of the Law say that the Messiah is the son of David. How can that be? For David himself, inspired by the Holy Spirit declared: ‘The Lord said to my Lord: sit at my right until I put your enemies under your feet’. If David himself calls him Lord, in what way can he be his son?». Many people came to Jesus and listened to him gladly.


The Application


Jesus takes pain to explain to the people of just name ‘Son of David.’ This name does carry a history, our salvation history that Jesus accomplishes by His death and resurrection. It is our history and we are called to be associted to this lienage, which Jesus himself happily did.


To listen to the Lord with pleasure' is a divine call to all those who want to live life with joy. It is in this listening that God makes known to us his will and by our faithfulness to this listening, the Holy Spirit will lead us to the accomplishment of this divine will, a will for the good of us all.



By looking at David's life and his faithfulness and docility to the Word of God, certainly with his limits and weaknesses, we will find a good way, just and pleasing to God. He already discovered the Holy Spirit before the contemporary world discovered Him on the day of Pentecost.



Today, as sons and daughters of the race of David, we are invited to discover the Holy Spirit who had led him all his life and to listen to Him faithfully because He will lead us on the right path to Jesus Christ, the source of all happiness that man can have. Let us therefore be led by the Holy Spirit, so that the promised joy, joy in its fulness may dwell in us.


Action of the day : Proudly live as son or daughter of David.



Daily Quote from the Early Church Fathers:


Jesus is Son of David and Son of God, 

by Cyril of Alexandria, 375-444 A.D.


"We also will ask the Pharisees of today a similar question. They deny that he who was born of the holy Virgin is very Son of God the Father and himself also God. They also divide the one Christ into two sons. Let these people explain to us how David's Son is his Lord, not so much as to human lordship as divine. To sit at the right hand of the Father is the assurance and pledge of supreme glory. Those who share the same throne are equal also in dignity, and those who are crowned with equal honors are understood of course to be equal in nature. To sit by God can signify nothing else than sovereign authority. The throne declares to us that Christ possesses power over everything and supremacy by right of his substance.
"How is the Son of David David's Lord, seated at the right hand of God the Father and on the throne of Deity? Is it not altogether according to the unerring word of the mystery that the Word as God sprung from the very substance of God the Father? Being in his likeness and equal with him, he became flesh. He became man, perfectly and yet without departing from the incomparable excellence of the divine dignities. He continued in that state in which he had always been. He still was God, although he became flesh and in form like us. He is David's Lord therefore according to that which belongs to his divine glory, nature and sovereignty. He


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