Publié le 23 Mai 2021

I wish you all the best for your anniversary. Today God makes visible his Church, a church that prays, celebrates and witnesses together, as the Lord has told them. A new face of the church, unknown to the world, totally animated by the Holy Spirit. This unity in its diversity represents in a perfect way the Trinity, the divine natures, without losing any individuality. 

It proclaims the good news to the people, without accusing anyone, yet by reminding them of the sin committed, it invites them to conversion.  With the Holy Spirit everything is possible. It is Peter, the one who betrayed the Lord, who today announces conversion and forgiveness. He himself has travelled this path of conversion and he will propose it to the people.  It is not his knowledge or intelligence that has led him today. He became aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit, who animated him from within. The Church of the Lord was always animated by the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit does not give us new information. He offers us insight into all that Jesus has already told us and we have not yet understood. Through his gifts of discernment and courage, he directs us to God, the Father of Jesus. He accompanies us in every stage of life, so that our discernment is right before God and in these discernments we do not stray from God's love. 

For this, the Holy Spirit reveals the truth to us through the gifts of knowledge and understanding. Divine truth, especially the love of the Father and the love expressed in the death and resurrection of the Lord.  The truth of the human being, the truth of life and death, and also the truth of life in death. For a man of faith, dying for the Lord is a participation in the passion of Christ, a great gift that he can expect from God. 

Our participation in the Lord's passion helps us to express our love for the Lord and to abide in that love in a perfect way.  To remain in this love of God, we need the patience that the Holy Spirit gives us as one of his gifts. Thanks to this gift, we will not be discouraged by this pandemic we are going through. Even in the midst of relational and family breakdown, in the face of illness and isolation, we will look to heaven in prayer and contemplation, so that God may reveal to us the right path, which, once faithfully followed, will lead us to joy and peace. 

It is in this joy and peace that we will give glory to God and witness to his living and life-giving presence, as the disciples did on the day of Pentecost. Whatever situation or moment we are going through, may we always be inspired by the Holy Spirit. The inspiration of the Holy Spirit makes us understand the Word of God, reveals to us the divine workings of it and how we can put its message into practice.  We will be led by the love and fear of God than laws and obligations.  All our actions will be acts of love and in these acts of love the world will discover God and give glory to God. In these acts, the purely human acts, we ourselves will discover that we abide in His love and God abides in us. 

Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal God's presence in our daily lives and in Him we will find joy and peace. Amen. 

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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