Holy Trinity

Publié le 30 Mai 2021

The Christian life is divided into three stages: 
- A divine knowledge that leads us to faith, faith in this God who loves us. Thanks to this faith, man begins to live his life to the full and it makes us live by giving us hope and a reason to live. 
- Our life is a response to this divine call, a call to the perfection of holiness, a participation in the divine nature, always remaining in our own human nature. By our concrete commitments we dive into the divine nature, because in our acts, it is God who acts. In the fruits of these acts we discover the divine desire, a God who desires to live in us and through us. 
- Consequently, others who do not know this God, will discover this God in us and in our human acts. Thus they will learn to worship this God, as we worship Him through our life of witness. 

For this God invites us to discover Him, as He invited Moses at Sinai. This is not the first time Moses has gone up the mountain, a place of divine encounter in the Bible. He has already done it once out of curiosity and today he will do it out of obligation, an obligation for the good of God's people. Before, he believed that God was silent before the suffering of God's people and in the fire God revealed to him his project of salvation.  Today he discovers another image of God, a God of mercy and love, generous in forgiveness. God reveals Himself, He reveals Himself progressively in the history of man, through daily events, so that His children may find Him, discover His love and love God in return.  An unthinkable, impenetrable God becomes a God close to humanity, a God who shares perfectly in the humanity of Jesus, in the joy and sorrow of men. 

This unique God as Jesus revealed to us, is not only one person, they are three, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Church reminds us that the baptism we received was Trinitarian in nature, 'Baptize them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Let us not try to understand everything, but let us be ourselves through our communion,  become this mystery to the people. The Church in its diversity will represent to the world, this divine unity, communion, by the way it celebrates and lives the sacraments. Saint Augustine tells us, the world is an image of God. If we look for a perfect image in the world of this Trinitarian nature, it is found in the sacrament of marriage, in the life of the couple, the family. By the visibility they are two persons, by the faith in the life of the couple, the way we love each other, we become one and we make visible to the world, this mystery of the Trinity. In this sacrament of marriage we are invited to respect individuality, and learn to live the Trinitarian communion. Let not man separate what God has united. 

Jesus came to reveal this God. By his death and resurrection, He made us understand how much God loves us in Him. "Love one another as I have loved you. "We raise our eyes to Christ, to better understand the Father and his love. The Holy Spirit helps us to understand all that Jesus has already taught us.  Parents are the perfect image of this Triune God to children. May the children discover in the hearts of their parents, the Father Creator, the Son who saves us and the Holy Spirit who sanctifies us.  If every home lives this Trinitarian life, this God who was not found, will become our flesh in the Eucharist and will nourish the family. 

On Mother's Day, let us present all the mothers of our parish to God, with the Virgin Mary, the mother of God. Let all the mothers, through her life as a mother, may she participate in the role of the Father the Creator, may she be the Christ who saves and may the Holy Spirit sanctify us through her motherhood. My brothers and sisters, may the Holy Trinity bless us and may the Trinitarian communion be a model for our families, Amen. 

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