Holy Saturday

Publié le 2 Avril 2021

In silence before the tomb of the Lord, we stand, as the prophet Isaiah tells us, 'speechless, for we have seen what we never heard about it. A God dies on the Cross, a grain of wheat that falls to the ground, dies willingly and silently, an act that man can never understand. God makes us to discover that true love makes no noise. Like a mother who suffers for her child, taking the bitter medicines for her child, God tells us that He suffers for us. A mother who feeds her child cannot forget her child, even if she does, I will never forget you, the Lord told us. The events of these days that we commemorate are the expression of God's love. 

Jesus told us that it was not the wood or the nails that held him on the Cross, it was his love for us, the love of his Father. On Holy Thursday we discovered his humanity, a similar humanity, that of our own, troubled and upset, who was going to be betrayed by one of his own, for whom he was going to give his life. He loved them to the end, to the last moment of his life, including Judas. The Lord called his disciples, his beloved ones, to be with him, in prayer, in contemplation. They have all fallen asleep, and the Lord returns to them once more, reminding them of their duty as disciples. Watch and pray.

We will venerate the Cross, the Cross that saved us. The Cross that has helped us to discover the depth of divine love.  With our eyes fixed on Jesus Christ, especially this Cross that He carries, the Cross that we have given to Christ, still calls us today, to the combat of God. A fight purely by divine inspiration, led by us and in us, a response to conversion. We stand in silence before our sins that crucified Christ.  We have heard it today, it is all over, he has fulfilled it all, as the prophets have already foreseen.

Thus God has willed to renew everything in Christ, by Christ, through a covenant. A covenant made for an eternity, a covenant made not by the blood of animals, but by the blood of Man, MAN par excellence, by God Himself. Each time the Eucharist is celebrated, we remember this event, a history that has been repeated, a covenant in perpetuity. This is the great gift that God has given us. God takes everything in his hand, so that man understands his love, not through intermediaries, as He did otherwise, but through Himself. I would put my words into the hearts of men. Our body, purely human and carnal, will thus become God's favourite abode.

In this silence of holy saturday, we have a feeling that everything is finished. Man was able to silence the Lord. Man wanted to master the Lord and the divine silence will still give him a chance to convert. This God who held a sacred silence before the sinful woman, is still silent today. This God who did not want to speak before the crowd that acclaimed Him as King, before Pilate, even before His accusers, will finally speak on the Cross. I am thirsty, He is thirsty for us, for our conversion, for our recognition of His love. He is thirsty for that word that bursts forth before the noise of the world, a faint voice that the world ignores, 'have mercy on me'. Here he will take his Word, he will answer, 'Today you will be with me in paradise'.

He says to us, each and every one of us, this is your mother and this is your son. How can we ignore this divine request. Symbolically for all of us, representing the whole of humanity, from the beginning of creation, until the last day of judgement, John will immediately accept her as the mother of Jesus, as his spiritual mother. She will be our voice before the Lord, for all eternity, reminding Jesus that they lack wine. The Marian apparitions confirm this. In this Year of St Joseph, a family year, we entrust all the members of our families to the Lord. Since He carried our crosses, let us pray that He may help us to carry our daily crosses courageously. Recognising that for us believers the cross is a sign of victory, let us come and honor it. Amen.


Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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