Divine Mercy Sunday

Publié le 11 Avril 2021

Today, the second Sunday of Easter, we celebrate the Sunday of Divine Mercy. In order to better understand divine mercy, we are given this gospel which gathers all the apparitions of the risen Jesus. In all these apparitions, we will find certain elements that repeat systematically. 

The fear and sadness of the disciples.  They are true and God understands our anxiety and worries perfectly. We are warmly welcomed by the Lord, as He did with His disciples, making a gesture that assured them, once again a step towards us.  He will call Mary as he called her always, to assure her that He is the One serached and the need to be searched in faith. 

The identity of Jesus, a mistaken identity. Unfortunately, with our human intelligence, we cannot master the divine thought, not even its actions. We need patience and also personal teaching.  The disciples of Emmaus, were surprised to see a man who is totally disconneted with events of the day, and failed to understand thier pain and suffering. Jesus will listen to them patiently and help them to understand the truth. 

Revelation and teaching. Jesus reveals Himself and gives them once again, as a great teacher, a divine teaching. They are called to see the salvation history in its totaly, not in a fragmented pieces. They were called to associate not to their feelings and emotions, rather to the divine truth, the will of the Father, the salvation of the whole world. 

Transformation and mission. The person is transformed and given a mission.  Mary was called to be their first witness of the resurrection and made the apostle of the Apostles. The disciples of Emmaus will we a sign to the Apostles of the living presence of Jesus. 
We have to ask ourselves, what is our transformation and what is the mission that the Lord has given us? 

In this gospel we find ourselves once again with the Creator, the One who first breathed. Christ is therefore the new 'MAN' who has come to cleanse the world of its sin. "The Apostles are now empowered to complete the work that Christ began in his earthly life. "The Church continues this work of God, through its priests and faithful, not only in the sacrament of reconciliation, but also in every human encounter. 
Like Thomas, everyone is asked to catch a glimpse of the Risen One, today especially in the universal Church, through his pierced side. People of good will will now discover Christ easily, yet mystically in faith, 'believing without seeing'. We are the signs of faith to men, to those of Thomas who are still seeking them. Once discovered, like Thomas, they too will proclaim the profession of faith, "My Lord and my God. "  

On this Mercy Sunday, let us entrust all our brothers and sisters who sow hatred in the world and with all their victims. Let us pray for all those who work tirelessly for peace and reconciliation. Let us be missionaries of God's mercy in our daily lives. Amen. 

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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