5th Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 7 Février 2021

"Remember, Lord: my life is but a breath, my eyes will no longer see happiness. "This is Job summing up his life, forgetting the good times he has lived all his life. Today, many of us feel the same experience of Job. Yet let us know that Job's experience will not end without hope, for he will later say, "I know that my Redeemer is alive. We all need top take up this path, though painful and difficult.  We have to walk the path of Job in a humane way. We believe that the cross is a way to resurrection. 

On this Health Sunday we give thanks to God for his marvels. Thank you, Lord, for these health workers who give generously of themselves. We say thank you to all those who visit the sick, pray with them and bring hope through their listening and their presence. Thank you Lord for this team of SEM (Evangelical Service to the Sick) who make a link of our Sunday celebrations with the people who can no longer travel here.

They are doing their Christian duty and I tell you that this service to the sick brings them not only to the sick  much needed hope and joy, but also to all who engage in this mission. By performing this human service, they are fulfilling a divine will and continue to bring divine hope to the weakened and diminished people. This mission is perfectly inspired by the mission of Jesus.

What is the mission of Jesus ? We already read about the messianic mission of Jesus presented by Saint Luke and prophesied by the prophet Isaiah: liberation. Sent by the Father and consecrated by the Holy Spirit. The liberation of man, a total liberation, of the body (physical) and of the spirit (spiritual). We cannot separate them, because a physical and intellectual liberation, without a spiritual liberation, will not bring the divine fruit. If a missionary forgets the physical care is a sin, because without this gift of physicality he cannot announce the Good News of divine liberation. We need both together.

Let’s look at Jesus, how he manged His mission. Today we read that Jesus is in Synagogue (spiritual and divine teaching) and also in his disciples house (carnal and human). He is in action (the miracles) and at the same time in contemplation (in prayerful union with his Father). He is a friend of Martha and Mary. It is in this balanced approach inspired in prayer and contemplation that Jesus decides to leave Capernaum and travel throughout the city of Galilee. It is necessary to know how to commit oneself and at the same time know how to leave. Jesus knew what his mission was: to fulfil the will of his Father.

Why are we here and what is the purpose of life on earth? We are that Job who believed that the family, status, intellectual excellence and the wealth of the world, will suffice all his life. In the evening, he will see a void that will lead to the day of the Lord and will learn in God the meaning of life, a life that gives itself entirely to God. As a result, God will restore him once again, stronger than before. We must find the meaning of life in God, God the Creator, as He was revealed in Jesus Christ, in our flesh, in our humanity. Without this encounter with God, we will end our life without hope, because everything comes from God, by God and for God.

It was in prayer that Jesus found the message and guidance, especially the courage to put it into practice. Let us remain united in prayer. It will give us the necessary answers to our questions. May God give us the meaning and purpose of our lives. May God become our goal in life. Amen.


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