2nd of November

Publié le 1 Novembre 2020

Today, together with the Universal Church, we remember our deceased brothers and sisters and pray for them. Each time I celebrate the funeral, there is one thing I repeat systematically, which is that when we ask the Lord's forgiveness for a person, it is not because that person deserves it, rather that the Lord came to die for him or her. It is in his love that we ask his forgiveness. 

In praying for our deceased brothers and sisters, we keep the light of the Risen Christ always on, and we remember our baptism and our Christian faith. This celebration reminds us of the brevity of our life on earth and also reminds us of our belief in the resurrection. This is why the prayer for the deceased is a prayer of hope, hope in divine mercy. 

In celebrating this memorial, we celebrate our gratitude and love. We acknowledge how much God has loved us through our elders, through their lives received and given, and in return we express our love. Through this celebration we recognise that life is a gift and that God is the Author of life. Life belongs to God and everything that belongs to life, they belong to God. 

May this day be a day of blessing and may the souls of our departed brothers and sisters, in God's mercy, rest in peace. 


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