24th of November

Publié le 23 Novembre 2020

Gospel text

(Lk 21,5-11): 


While some people were talking about the Temple, remarking that it was adorned with fine stonework and rich gifts, Jesus said to them, «The days will come when there shall not be left one stone upon another of all that you now admire; all will be torn down».

And they asked him, «Master, when will this be, and what will be the sign that this is about to take place?». Jesus then said, «Take care not to be deceived, for many will come claiming my title and saying: ‘I am he, the Messiah; the time is at hand’. Do not follow them. When you hear of wars and troubled times, don't be frightened; for all this must happen first, even though the end is not so soon». And Jesus said, «Nations will fight each other and kingdom will oppose kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines and plagues; in many places strange and terrifying signs from heaven will be seen».


The Application


We have a feeling that the last day of the apocalypse is approaching. The news of the day affirms our doubts. Fear and worry is dominating our inner being that our thinking and doing is influenced. Yet today's gospel gives us an answer to this question: do not be afraid. Everything can disappear, not the Word of God and the hope it brings us.

If we look at today’s gosepl we will understand that, we must be faithful as christians, to the commandment of love and apply this divine plan in a radical way. Through our love, as St. John tells us in his letter, let others discover that we are disciples of the Lord, friends of God, God of love.

Are we right to be afraid of this last day, the day of judgement? Jesus tells us, NO. The terrifying signs tell us the need for our fidelity to the divine teaching and the urgency of reconciliation. Be converted and believe in Jesus, the Son of the living God. May we be the children of the Light, bearing this Light that takes away the darkness.


Action of the day : Believe in the Gospel.



Daily Quote from the Early Church Fathers:


First signs of the end times,

by Maximus of Turin 


"Perhaps you are anxious, brothers and sisters, at the fact that we hear constantly of the tumult of wars and the onsets of battles. Perhaps your love is still more anxious since these are taking place in our times. The reason is the closer we are to the destruction of the world, the closer we are to the kingdom of the Savior. The Lord himself says, 'In the last days nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. When you see wars, earthquakes and famines, know that the kingdom of God is at hand.'This nearness of wars shows us that Christ is near." (excerpt from SERMON 85.1)


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