26th Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 26 Septembre 2020

We have a God of love and mercy. It is in this love that he invites us to work in his vineyard. To better understand, the vine represents the Kingdom of God, and at the same time, in this Kingdom of God, we are these precious vines for the Lord and He sends us to this people, so that his vineyard may find its greatness and majesty.

Last Sunday we meditated on the worker of the eleventh hour. This God comes down to this worker who is displeased with the behavior of his Master. He will reason with him, because of his saying, "The Lord's conduct is not right. Listen, therefore, son of Israel: is it my way that is not right? Is it not rather yours? »,. If God takes this step towards him, it is simply so that he may discover divine mercy, that he may be converted. The Lord invites us to look at our own interiority, which was not pure, because it sees in divine mercy, injustice.  God did the same with the prophet Jonah, and the Prodigal Father will do the same with his eldest son.

Humanly it is difficult to understand divine justice and divine will. That is why we must ask the Lord to show us the true way, let me know your way, the way of love and mercy, a way to conversion. Since He is our Way, the conversion of the heart and our imitation of divine mercy will make us configure ourselves to Christ, who gives himself daily, especially in the celebration of the Eucharist.  Here we will see the Bread broken and the Blood shed, for our salvation. As he sheds his blood, he asks us, can you go and work in my vineyard?

It is not for the first time that we hear this demande from the Lord and yes in the Bible. The prophets said YES, the Virgin Mary said YES, the Apostles of the Lord said YES. It is clear that the "yes" said to God is not realized overnight. It is the object of an apprenticeship, a journey, a conversion, an asceticism. The life of men of faith shows us that every moment of life we are asked to remember this "Yes" given and to respond positively in a perennial way to this divine call. To think that one has said "yes" to the Kingdom once and for all is a blindness. A proud claim of our own human strength.

If we are here in the church, it is because we have said yes to the Father. We are all sent into this world so that justice and Peace may take root in the hearts of men. It’s up to us to act or deny. Amen. 



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