18th Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 1 Août 2020

Christian life and faith are nourished by the Word of God. This Word not only gives us the hope to live this life in a peaceful way, it gives us rebirth, it gives us a new life every day, the life in its totality that is capable of giving birth in us a new life and of giving this life to others. "Come into me. "Come, all you who thirst, come, here is water, living water. Come, listen to me, and you will live. The Lord tells us, "I will make an everlasting covenant with you.  Every Eucharistic celebration is a new covenant.

Jesus in the Eucharist renews this covenant permanently and reminds us of the price He paid to save us.  With this commitment, He chose this bitter cup, a baptism of blood shed and the flesh given.  If we remain very far from the Lord, how can we understand the depth of this love He still has for us. That is why we must go to meet Him and discover for ourselves how tender and merciful He is, slow to anger and full of love," the Psalm of the day assures us.  Paul who has tasted this love in the pardon gives us a wonderful witness in the second reading of the day, «  Nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. »

Today's Gospel presents us with one of the events of this love. Jesus tells us that he is there with us, among us, very concerned about our daily sufferings and sorrows.  Moses did not know that his God cared about the suffering of his people. Little Samuel was not able to discern the voice of the Lord. A voice seemed very close to him, a voice he had heard before. He came before the high priest who was not able to discern the voice of the Lord either.  This voice is addressed to us, "Give them something to eat yourselves," for He has already fed us with His Word.

We have acquired a little blizzard behaviour, a consumerist behaviour, without knowing, why do we seek divine grace? Why did we come to church?  Certainly, you are going to answer me by saying that you have come to church to listen to the Word of God, to participate in the Eucharistic celebration, etc. In truth, it is the Lord who invites you there, so that after having participated in the Eucharist, we may be witnesses of his love and mercy.

The world of the day needs God, needs to identify his presence. The Gospel of the day tells us, "The crowds heard about it and left their towns and cities and followed on foot. "We are sent to this people of God, a people who thirst for God. Let this people come to us, let us be merciful like Him. It is true that we don't have the necessary means, or we are not able to give them bread or an answer to their question. Let us simply be with them, with a life-giving word, a gesture of openness, a compassionate look, etc., and let us be with them.  "We only have five loaves and two fishes. ", say the disciples of the Lord. Today, are we ready to share this bread that we have?



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