Holy Trinity

Publié le 6 Juin 2020

The Christian Faith is essentially communitarian, because it is Trinitarian in nature. We believe in one God, but in three persons: Father-Creator, Son, the One who saves us, and the Holy Spirit, the One who sanctifies. Therefore, all human activity, including personal activity, as Christians we begin in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Sacred Scripture, salvation history, the teachings of the Church and tradition reveal to us this mystery of the Trinity, which existed even before creation.


Man still seeks this God in his pure transcendence. There is no way to see this God beyond the sensitive and palpable world without divine intervention. For this reason God makes himself visible and palpable, especially to man, to whom he never ceases to give graces. He will say to Moses: "God is tender and merciful, slow to anger, full of love and truth".  Since this God has chosen to reveal Himself  and His tender love and mercy in His only Son, who died and rose again, not to judge us, but through Him to save the world, from now on man is invited to seek Him in the heart of his neighbour, God dwells in us and among us.


This is why Jesus asked us to be perfect in our humanity, just as his Father in heaven is perfect in his divinity. This perfection is possible only in the love of the Father and in the communion of the Holy Spirit. The Church makes us to understand through her teachings that in order to live the communion of the Trinity in our daily life, it is necessary that man live the very life of God (invited by Jesus) and participate in his deepest mystery. How can one live this mystery without being associated with the life of the Church?

The Church is a place of encounter, not only of a human encounter, but also, "the place of the perfect encounter between God and man, the place where man fully plays his role as God's partner and thus communicates to all those who are called to the same vocation. "Thus, since the faith of a Christian is founded on the peace and love of the Father and dwells in Him and the Holy Spirit, today we are invited to face the present and the future with the assurance and certainty of this Trinitarian presence in our daily lives.


For us Christians, the mystery of the Trinity is the most decisive aspect of our being and our vocation. The revelation of the Trinity in the incarnation, passion and resurrection of the Lord is not limited to our need to know God. The truth of the Trinity directly concerns the destiny of man and creation. A perfect union in God.


The Church herself has gone through bad and difficult times from the very beginning of her existence. It was divided and separated, like the Judeo-Christian and other Greek or Roman origins. In this history, we recognize that the men of this Church of the Lord, with their frailties, have been mistaken in their discernment. Yet she did not stop to show her mercy and forgiveness to her aggressors, welcoming her martyrs with joy and pride. She is still the sign of divine mercy. She constantly reminds her faithful of their human duties. How can we ignore "Laudato-si" as a cry of the people from the teaching of our Holy Father? Pope Francis is launching a Laudato-si year and we will try to put it into practice so that it will be the place of our dwelling. On this day of crisis, the Holy Father calls us to heal people who are more important than the economy. The Church of the Lord always gives an orientation, which leads us to the Father. Let us be merciful, as our Father is merciful.


In spite of our weaknesses and limitations, we welcome the revelation made by Jesus, welcoming Him as the Revealer of the Trinity. We believe in the Catholic Church, and accept its diversity which is blended into the Trinity, as a chance to live this Trinity in our different churches. This Holy Church is the Father's family, the members are his beloved goods, full of love and forgiveness. We each form this Body of Christ, which is based on the mystery of the Trinity, the foundation of its existence. This is why Saint Paul tells us that we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. God dwells in us. If we recognize this truth of the dwelling of God in us with an adoptive sonship of the Father, if we allow ourselves to be animated by the Holy Spirit, sent by the Father and the Son, and if we commit ourselves faithfully to the accomplishment of the divine will, this Truth will save us.

In celebrating the Feast of the Trinity, we recognize that whenever we come together, we address the Father through Christ and always in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Since the Faith we profess is Trinitarian, let us live it in communion. Amen.



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