The Feast of Ascension

Publié le 21 Mai 2020

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Ascension and contemplate the high point in the life of his disciples.  In order to have the same experience, Jesus asks us to go to the mountain as during the Transfiguration, to be with Him and to be sent by Him. There, we will see Him as He is, not only in His humanity, but also in His divinity and He will help us to pass from an ordinary life of our own humanity, to an extraordinary life, in His divinity. In this meeting,  while celebrating the feast of the Ascension, we discover that Christ has become the Lord of Heaven and Earth. That is why in Christ the salvation proposed is universal and from here we are sent to the whole world.  This is the Good News that the Church proclaims today and that she lives daily.


Every ordinary human experience is capable of making us to feel an extraordinary experience under the impulse of the Holy Spirit. If we allow God's ordinary presence to penetrate us, if we respond positively to his call, our actions will be imbued with the divine, for in us God continues his work. That is why, for Christians, in Jesus Christ, everything we have becomes extraordinary. Before this wonder of God, like the Apostles, we bow down in adoration and recognize that Christ is our Lord.



We cannot proclaim this Good News without climbing the mountain of the Lord. Today, this mountain can represent for me, a person with whom I do not get along, an experience that I have lived very badly, or a place that has deeply marked me. Jesus asks us to go there, not alone, but with Him, in His presence, accompanied by the Holy Spirit, because He has promised us that He will be there with us until the end of the world. From here, with this extraordinary experience, the Lord will lift us up, consecrate us and send us to the whole world. Let us be missionaries of the Lord. A Happy Feast.





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