Happy Feast

Publié le 31 Mai 2020

The feast of Pentecost is the soul of the Church. It was born today and I wish you all a very happy anniversary. Since the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity, is the soul of our soul, the life of our life, the being of our being, and since He is our sanctifier, the guest of our deepest interior, it is important that we build a new relationship with Him and that our relationship with Him be each time more conscious and more personal.


St. Cyril of Alexandria tells us, if we wish to participate in the divine nature, as willed by Christ, it was necessary for our human nature to be transformed into another, and to be transfigured in order to await the newness of a life loved by God. And this could not be done otherwise than by union with and participation in the Holy Spirit. This is why Jesus ascended to heaven and the purpose of Pentecost.


Man wanted to master God and he still does. In history he built the tower of Babel, without God, alone with his power and intelligence. This behavior without God, like Peter who went without Jesus to the sea to fish, will separate us, divide us and make our hands empty. When man learns to abandon himself to God, in his humility and gratitude, God comes down towards him, to the earth, and this divine act, unites us, transforms us as one people, a people worthy of God. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, we form the members of the body of Christ, Saint Paul tells us.


For this reason, I invite you to look at this event, the Pentecostal experience of the disciples, as you are already there, on the spot, and imitate it in our daily lives.


They were together. Never be alone. I told you, when I celebrated Mass alone, you were all with me. A Christian, cannot practice his faith alone voluntarily. Jesus himself called the disciples and sent them together. Stay together, discuss, consult and share life and life's goods, especially couples. Always stay connected. We have many means of communication. Use them without abusing.


In prayer. Very often we see the disciples in prayer, as their Master. That's the Christian identity: Communion and prayer. The family that prays together, stays together, says Mother Theresa. Teach the children to pray, to dialogue with God, to listen to his Word with patience and docility. It is prayer, born of faith, that brings about miracles. Woman, my hour has not yet come, yet He will turn water into wine.


If we remain together, united in prayer, suddenly everything will change, a radical transformation, an unexpected gift is given and received. Life will be filled with good surprises, continually being renewed by the Holy Spirit. ‘On the day of Pentecost, the fulfilment of the promise made by Christ to the Apostles is carried out. On the same evening of Easter Day He poured out His breath upon them and said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit" (Jn 20:22). The coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost renews and brings to its fullness this gift in a solemn way and with external manifestations. Thus culminates the Paschal Mystery’. (Mgr. Josep Àngel SAIZ)


Like the apostles, let us leave our safe places and proclaim the Good News of the gospel, the joy of the gospel. Let us pray together, ‘send your Spirit, who renews the face of the earth’. Let us be the new wineskins, who have received the new wine, the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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