6th Easter Sunday

Publié le 16 Mai 2020

Today we celebrate the 6th Sunday of Easter and we are invited to look at the humanity of Jesus and how in his humanity the divinity is united. His teachings, especially in the Gospel of St. John, we discover this humanity of the divinity and how we on our part can act divinely in our own humanity. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit work together, united in love. Jesus desires that we also be united in this love. Therefore, He asks us to be faithful to His commandment of love.

Jesus is asking this fidelity, because of the imminent danger of death on the cross and in later days, the persecution. The second reading gives us one such history, where immediately after the martyrdom of Stephan, Philippe the deacon is sent to encourage the people of Samaria.  Neither the persecution, nor the need of more preachers, could stop the announcing of the Good News. It all happened, because of two important elements. The first is the working of the Holy Spirit and the second is, the love of the disciples for the Lord.


True love asks us to get to know ourselves, the Truth. Jesus says, ‘the truth will save us.’  To do this, we must be able to open ourselves to others: to commit ourselves for our own good and for the common good.   This love is not an intellectual knowledge, but the commitment to communion and sharing. That is why we are told that love is an act.   The love we have for one another is a response to divine love, a recognition of his acts of love and his commitment to the good of us all. The death on the Cross was the best sign that God has chosen to express His love for us. How to forget the Cross that saved us?


It is with Jesus and in Jesus that man can know the Father and through the humanity of Christ that we can love God. If we do not know Christ, as the one sent by the Father, dead and risen, for all of us, it is difficult to identify the divine presence in our lives and to recognize his works.  St. Augustine asks us to seek Him in the works of love.  He is convinced that we must seek Him in order to know Him, and how can we love Him without knowing Him? "The soul of one who does not seek the face of his Creator remains cold in itself and hardens in the wrong way. "says St. Gregory the Great. 


If our life is filled with this divine love, and if our words and deeds are resourced in this act of love, Jesus assures us that we will live in Him. If we live in Jesus Christ, God will manifest His presence to us and we will see Him everywhere and in everyone. For this, Jesus will send us His Spirit, the Spirit of truth, who will accompany us all our lives. Let us be filled with love and let us prepare to welcome this Spirit of Truth who will help us to identify the divine presence and to recognize not only the divine manifestation in our daily lives, but also His works in the hearts of men.  The deeper we love one another, the closer will be the divine presence in our lives. Have a wonderful Sunday.




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