5th Easter Sunday

Publié le 10 Mai 2020

We've been in lockdown for two months and we're getting ready to disconfinement. To better live this week, the gospel of the day proposes two important themes to us: that of the house and that of the road. We are all pilgrims walking together towards the house prepared by the Lord.


The house is a place where man lives. Going to the house is a strong moment, a moment of peace. Jesus tells us that God the Father dwells in Him and today He invites us to dwell in Jesus, so that we too can dwell in God and this dwelling will bring us that peace that man seeks. Jesus dwells in his Father by his faithfulness and we should imitate the humanity of Jesus, a humanity filled with love and mercy. It is in this imitation that we become Christ. In this way we could abide in God. For this reason, may our house become a school of love for its inhabitants and be transformed as a dwelling worthy of God.


In today's gospel, Philip is invited to look at Jesus and recognize the Father who dwells in Him. Looking at Jesus' life on earth, we can easily understand that his priority and joy was the will of his Father. By fulfilling this will, He glorified His Father. By imitating Jesus, we too can glorify the Father of Jesus.


I now invite you to look at His humanity. Jesus was contemplative in His prayer, and active in His fulfillment.  Since prayer is an encounter, he privileged this moment, very often in silence and solitude. I invite you to pay attention to personal prayer and also to family prayer.  The celebration of the Eucharist is a moment of prayer, and also a moment of fulfilment, because we do all that the Lord has asked us to do: listen to the Word of God, celebrate his passion, and we set out to put it into practice.  That is why for us Christians, the Mass is not just a moment of prayer, but life.


Proactive. Jesus is a man who acts, with certain discernment. He responds positively to the needs of his faithful.  He takes his time, a man of patience and is merciful. He does not accept majority opinions. He listens only to his Father.  That is to say, he is not content to see, but he looks, not only hears, but he listens to us. In order to better watch and listen, we must know how to stop. Confinement helps us to look at our interior life and listen in the depths of our being to this divine call. We know that Jesus did not come to do miracles. Yet He knew how to make pauses. We have a very model in the parable of the Good Samaritan. To be a good Christian, we must become this Good Samaritan.


Truth is...


In Jesus we discover Alfa and Omega of man. Man is a creation of God, created in his image, bears within him the divine qualities, for he is by his own nature called to perfect his humanity, through which he will discover in him the divinity, the dwelling place of God. The man who has discovered this Truth in Jesus MAN-GOD, will recognize in himself the divine presence in a human way.


If we take this expression 'I am the Way, the Truth and the Life' seriously, we will understand the way Jesus took was a way of 'descending from the Father' truth and life and 'ascending' back to His Father.  This is the truth of man's life that we learn from the life of Jesus.

If we recognize this truth, and choose it as our own truth, we have a new life, a life with God.  This life is a gift that God has given us in Jesus Christ.

In this month of Mary, who continues to tell us ‘do all that He says’, may help us to follow the way Jesus has proposed to us, so that He may become our truth and our life.




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