19th of May

Publié le 18 Mai 2020

Gospel text

(Jn 16,5-11): 

Jesus said to his disciples, «But now I am going to the One who sent me and none of you asks me where I am going; instead you are overcome with grief because of what I have said. Indeed believe me: It is better for you that I go away, because as long as I do not leave, the Helper will not come to you. But if I go away, it is to send him to you, and when He comes, He will vindicate the truth in face of the world with regard to sin, to the way of righteousness, and to the Judgment. What has been the sin? They did not believe in me. What is the way of righteousness? I am on the way to the Father, meanwhile you will not see me. What Judgment? The Ruler of this world has himself been condemned».


The Application


The truth will save us, but this truth is accompanied by a certain sadness, the bitterness of separation: 'I go now to Him who sent me'.  For the disciples of this day that we are, the separation of the Lord from the world physically, though painful, is not necessarily bad news. Indeed, His love and the knowledge of His love always accompany us. He has risen and He will return. He will return, not in man's weakness, but in glory. On that day we will see Him as He is, as the Son of the Father, not only as a God of mercy whom we already know, but as a God of justice.  We have to be ready to face this God of justice.

For this, Jesus will send us the Holy Spirit, the Defender, who will accompany us in daily life, especially in the discernments of the day. He will educate us and enlighten us about our infidelities and unbelief.  In his presence we can identify aspects of our lives that we need to improve. In silence, without making any noise of His presence, the Holy Spirit will accompany us in our daily discernment. A life filled with love, expressed in mercy and executed in charity. The recognition of the truth will help us to convert and adhere to the impulsion of the Holy Spirit. 

Let us ask the Holy Spirit for his gift of wisdom and discernment. In our daily lives, may we always know how to choose what is good and right, especially everything that is right before God.  Let us pray, "Come Holy Spirit, and may the fire of your love burn in my heart. May I desire only that which is pure, beautiful and holy, in accordance with God's will, (an act of love) and give me the courage to put aside all that is not pleasing in your sight".


Action of the day: Have courage and be filled with grace, in words and deeds.

«It is better for you that I go away»

(Tarpon Springs, Florida, United States)

Today, we are presented with a deeper understanding of the reality of the Ascension of the Lord. In the reading from the Gospel of John on Easter Sunday, Mary of Magdala is told not to cling to the Lord because «I have not yet ascended to my Father» (Jn 20:17). In today's Gospel Jesus notes that the disciples «are overcome with grief because of what I have said», but that «it is better for you that I go away» (Jn 16:6-7). Jesus must ascend to the Father. Yet, He still remains with us.

How can he go, yet still remain? This mystery was explained by our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI: «Given that God embraces and sustains the whole cosmos, the Lord's Ascension means that Christ has not gone far away from us, but now, thanks to the fact that He is with the Father, He is close to each one of us forever».

Our hope is in Jesus Christ. His conquest of death gave us the life that death can never destroy, His Life. His resurrection is a verification that the spiritual is real. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Nothing can diminish our hope. The negatives of the world cannot destroy the positive of Jesus Christ.

The imperfect world we live in, a world where the innocent suffer, can point us to pessimism. But Jesus Christ has transformed us into eternal optimists.

The living presence of the Lord in our community, in our families, in those aspects of our society that can rightfully be called “Christian” have given us a reason for hope. The Living Presence of the Lord within each one of us has given us joy. No matter how great the barrage of negatives that the media delights in presenting, the positives of the world far outweigh the negatives, for Jesus Christ has risen.

He ascended, but He has not left us.






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