Divine Mercy Sunday

Publié le 18 Avril 2020

Today the universal Church is celebrating the Divine Mercy Sunday. Mercy is another name of God. If we separate the two conjugated words in French (misericord), we will see, misery and heart. God is at the heart of man's misery, in the depth of his suffering. Lockdown weighs on us and some people in our community suffer more than others. Confinement or isolation is not good for morale or personal health, yet we know that it will do good for all of us, in its totality.


The first reading invites us to live these days in fraternal communion, in prayer and in the fear of God, because God is with us and especially today He suffers in us. Like the first Christian community, we are asked to recognize this divine presence in this world, even if it is invisible, and to live this life in God with joy, simplicity of heart and always open to God, even in our daily miseries and doubts.


Not everything that is palpable, visible, is the truth. Truth is hidden in realities that are obviously palpable and visible.  If Thomas sought the visible and palpable elements, it was certainly not all that was palpable and visible that led him to make the first profession of the world "My Lord and my God. "God was neither palpable nor visible in these realities. My friends, the Church invites us to connect to this truth of the divine presence in these realities of the day.


The gospel of the day tells us that "while the doors of the place where the disciples were, were locked ......Jesus was there in their midst. He said to them, "Peace be with you. "In this moment of confinement Jesus comes to us, even though we are inside our homes.  There is a gesture of the Lord that touches me deeply, "He breathed on them. "The Lord no longer comes alone, He comes with the Holy Spirit and this Spirit of truth will accompany us all our lives. That's why we are in joy and happiness.


Thanks to the Holy Spirit, there is an act that should spring from the deepest part of our heart, 'forgiveness'. We remain struck by the link between the gift of the Holy Spirit and the mission of reconciliation, of being reconciled with God. On this Sunday of divine mercy, let us be generous in forgiveness. Jesus came back not only for Thomas so that he may discover the Lord, the Risen One, but also to bring him this forgiveness, for his unbelief. Forgiveness is a fruit of faith, for in Jesus the Risen One we forgive one another. If we do not have faith, we cannot neither forgive nor abide in joy. Without faith, Covid-19 is able to take away all hope and joy from the hearts of men.


Jesus sends us to the society that is still looking for Signs. "Blessed are those who believe without having seen. "Let us be these signs of hope and joy. Let us announce the Good News of the divine presence. Good Sunday



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