Special Sunday

Publié le 4 Avril 2020

We begin Holy Week with the celebration of Palm Sunday. On these days many of us are confined to our homes, retreat houses, hospitals, etc., and we are not allowed to go to any other place. We do not even have the means to have a branch to be blessed on this day. What poverty! I will celebrate Mass without any external festivity, alone in the church of Saint Lazarus, my parish.  I do it, simply that there may be a mass in this church, in your church.


Everything happens unexpectedly. In truth, it's been 2020 years, the day of the Lord and the welcome of the people, wasn't it a voluntary expression, unexpected by the people? We relive that day, not by putting ourselves in the street, rather by locking ourselves in the house by civil obligation. Somehow, we have to recognize that God grants us an extraordinary Holy Week, which allows us to live this day extraordinarily, spiritually exceptional, more interiorly than external gestures. My friends, live this day intensely, savoring every moment or instant you experience, for it will be a memory for an eternity that you will never live. 


Let us welcome the Lord into our hearts and into our homes. If God allows me, and if you wish, I will come one day after the feast of Easter, to your house to bless your home, your home. By riding on a donkey, God announces to us, not only His nearness, but also He is the King of Peace. He comes to give us His life for the sinners that we are.  Before the resurrection of Lazarus, Thomas said, 'Let us also go and die with him. »


Let us enter into this holy week to make everything that separates us from divine love, may die in us. Especially, the death of the works of darkness in us will make us to reborn in the Lord.  The new life will not only allow us to understand the Kingdom that Jesus announces today, but will also make us to participate, not in the Kingdom that we are accustomed to, but in the Kingdom of Heaven. Worship in Spirit and in truth.

Since he gives himself, gives himself to us and for us, we must know how to give ourselves to the Lord, for the Lord. May this Holy Week be a week of grace and blessing. Do not forget to pray for the Covid-19 victims who live with us and among us.  I think of you especially my parishioners who are victims and who live their lives with difficulty, but they assure us of their prayers.  We assure you also our prayers. May the Lord bless you.



Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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