5th Lenten Sunday

Publié le 28 Mars 2020

‘I would put my spirit in you’ and the liturgy of the day invites us to meditate on this divine Spirit that God brings us at this difficult time. Admittedly, today we do not see it. However, it is not difficult to see Him in those people who instill hope in the hearts of men, who bring a word of consolation, a gesture of friendship, a two-minute call, etc. This God is there with us, among us and in us. We as believers, have to bring Him out through our words and actions, so that others can discover Him.


How can we do it? Let us look at the Lord and imitate his behavior. The news is not good. ‘Whom you love is sick’, in truth, he is dead. The temptation is great in the face of a pain and suffering, and we must act now. The Lord invites us to act like him. Take your time and calm down internally. A troubled water is not drinkable. Inquire and verify the information received and find out the truth. The Lord tells us "this disease does not lead to death, it is for the glory of God, so that through it the Son of God may be glorified. Covid-19 is not the end of the world. We can still hope in medical and scientific research. We will find a solution. It is also a call for conversion and put our hope in the Lord, by doing the maximum that we could  in our capacity.


The second step is to encourage one another, particularly those who are in need of our support and accompaniment. The Lord took the time to train his disciples and to teach them to act, not only through emotions and feelings, but also in faith and wisdom. Always seek a way to glorify God, not only in happy times and also in difficult times. We must learn to see, not only the worries and difficulties that are highly visible and publicized, but also to see the Lord in the invisible who accompanies us discreetly, who puts the people who work day and night to save us.


Thomas' reaction is just, "Let's go, too, to die with him!" Jesus does not go up to Jerusalem to die, but to give his life, to give us life. He is the resurrection. If we go up with Him, we will not die, but even in death we will live. The confinement we live in, apparently preventing us from going out. It is also a time to enter into our interiority, prioritize our families, our brothers and sisters, our friends, etc. Let's take advantage of the opportunity to talk, share, and be creative in the kitchen, make the dishes that take its time. Take the time to reconcile with our brothers and sisters. Let our children learn to cook, arrange the living room, clean the garage, etc. Some of us have received the call of our friends, our children, our brothers and sisters, etc. Let us give thanks to the Lord for this gift of confinement. We must look , not at all that we do not have, but are called to look, particularly  all that this time offers us.


"Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died. "It seems to us that it is a just proposition. Sadly, it's wrong. The Lord is still there. When we are overwhelmed by the worries of this world, by our discouragement, heartbreak, by sadness, many of us do not realize the divine presence. Martha becomes the messenger of the Lord " The Master is there, he calls you. Today, we too must be this messenger to our discouraged and torn brothers and sisters. We need to identify the Lord to them.


Jesus cries. In our empathy and sympathy, we should also learn to cry with people. Feel their pains and sufferings, just like Jesus. It serves no one by simply closed into our rooms and crying.  We should come out, if we can, and join in eradicating the pains of others.  Sometime the proposal looks so stupid and incomprehensible. Opening a tomb of dead person since four days, is a terrible moment. Still, it’s the Lord who demands us. We should obey the Lord.  With the Lord we should take risk. Let us take the risk of sitting inside and praying. Let us learn to celebrate the mass in closed doors. Looks stupid, still what is best to do, in this troubled time. Liberate us and untie us from all prejudices and from all that we have learned just today. There is a new teaching and new way of celebrating. Come out of  old way of thinking and doing.  “Untie Him and let him go”. Amen.

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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