4th Lenten Sunday

Publié le 21 Mars 2020

Covid-19 is a virus that has been known for centuries, yet ignored, and it teaches us to live our lives differently and makes us to understand that a life even in confinement is possible. It invites us to see the precarity of life and to live it in a different way. Yet all those who have put their trust in the Lord are able to adopt themselves and to see the wonders of God. They are those trees planted on the shore, which give fruit at the right time.


Many of our contemporaries ask themselves why the present situation is imposing itself so brutally and is upsetting not only the economy of the world, but also the spiritual life and our daily life in a radical way? If we learn to see the world with a look of faith, as the Lord tells us in today's Gospel, we will discover the works of God which are still being manifested, even today, especially in those health and security workers, even if they are exhausted, they work day and night, non-stop, so that the sick, the afflicted live their lives in a pleasant and peaceful way. Let us give thanks to God because He has chosen to manifest Himself in them and we acknowledge through their service, the divine presence and guidance. Certainly, there are still some people who do not do their own human duty. 


In the first reading we understood that King Saul, chosen and consecrated by the Lord, was no longer faithful. As a result, God's people were exhausted and crushed. Even in the confinement of the day, we see people who do not respect the rules imposed, nor ensure their own health security, putting fragile people in danger.  To protect us from these people, God in His goodness chose another, another who was the smallest in Jesse's home, even his father did not believe that his son, so small, could provide the answer sought by the people. We are that little ones, however small we may be, chosen by the Lord, to become lights of the world.


In today's gospel, in Jesus Christ, God comes to us, touches us and asks us to see and hear Him.  The disciples see in this blind man a punishment for sins, and the chosen and the learned ones did not even know about him, as he did not even exist. God sees his suffering and isolation, which were totally ignored by others. In order to free him from his suffering and isolation, He offers us an extraordinary solution, which man, with his intelligence, cannot understand: "Go and wash in the pool of Siloam". Was Siloe able to give him the sight ? The Lord was able to simplify this miracle with a single Word. If the Lord asks him to do so, there is a spiritual step, an internal pilgrimage that would help him, through his positive commitment, to express his fidelity and his faith.


"The blind man went, therefore, and washed himself; and when he came back, he saw. "He was not sent into the water of the pool. In truth, in the water of Siloam he plunged into Jesus Christ, to be reborn as a man of light.  He is sent to be sent. Very often, in our own limitedness, we do not understand all that the Lord asks of us, including the prophet Samuel, he was sad and afraid. If we remain faithful, and put into practice all that the Lord teaches us, we will see in ourselves the fulfillment of the divine will. Like Mary, in our humility, we must learn to keep everything in our hearts and meditate.


 The man who was blind is healed. Paradoxically, the scholars who were spiritually blind threw him out of the assembly with the Light sent by the Father. Since that blind man who is now be able to see everything as it is, rejected by the elites, did not know, the One who gave him sight, Jesus will return once again, towards him, so that he may discover the Light of the world, the source of his light.  The catechumens preparing for baptism and the children who were to make their second stage of baptism are called with this blind man to discover the One who gives them sight, faith. We the baptized are invited to discover how God manifests Himself in these children and catechumens.  


Let us pray to the Lord that He may remove our blindness and helps un to be  the Light of the world.


Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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