16th of February

Publié le 16 Février 2020

God created us in his image and many of us understand him as God Almighty, the creator who protects the world and therefore man. In the same image of God is hidden another quality that helps us to discern and make decisions: freedom, liberty. God, who is free, shares with us this divine quality, which teaches us to see all as they are without imposing any interpretation of ours or others.


It is in this freedom that God desires man to make his choice of life. God presents him, water and fire at the same time, life and death with the same intensity. To follow the Lord, to listen to his voice, faithful to his teaching or his commandment of love, will bring us life, a life close to God. God does not impose Himself, yet He will be there, discreetly, so that man can make his own way. We have learned it well in the story of the prodigal son. He will leave his feast, go out of his house, go as far as his eldest son is, reason with him, and leave him free to make his own way to his loving father.

Jesus makes us learn and reveals to us his Father, full of compassion and love. This is why He wishes us not to be like others. We must never be content to be good before men, respecting the laws that man has established. Since we are God's children, the beloved children of the Father, carrying within us a divine identity, we must be just before God, acting not only humanly, but also divinely.

It is in this divinity that He asks us to leave our offerings before the altar and go to be reconciled with our brothers and sisters, for reconciliation will itself make an offering worthy of us that will give great pleasure to God. Jesus came to seek sinners and we cannot ignore them. How can we be righteous before God without having been reconciled to the Father's beloved goods?


Even Jesus invites us to do God's will in our daily lives. "In the interpretation of Jesus, the law is amplified to its last ramification: respect for life is united to the eradication of hatred, vengeance and offence; the chastity of the body passes through fidelity and indissolubility, the sincerity of the word given passes through respect for the covenants. In fulfilling the Law, Jesus "fully manifests man to himself and reveals to him the sublimity of his vocation". Let us be perfect as our father is perfect. If we want our lives to be filled with joy, we must fill our hearts with divine love.


On this Sunday I invite you to pray the Psalm of the day together. "Teach me, O Lord, the way of your commands; to keep them, I shall have my reward. Show me how to keep your law, that I may observe it with all my heart. "Amen.


Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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