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Publié le 18 Janvier 2020

Today I am installed as the Parish pries of St.Lazare. I share with you my text. 

We are all chosen by the Lord through our baptism. Thank you Lord for this religious and priestly vocation. This election is not conditioned by our individual or collective merits or abilities, but simply by divine grace and goodness. The moment we become aware of this election, we humbly and firmly accept the new identity that God grants us, and we ask Him for the grace to live with dignity according to this new identity, which is closely linked to the divine identity. One is small, yet chosen, consecrated and sent to a large and great world, we heard it in the first reading. We are sent, not as James and John, but as the faithful servant of the Lord.

 On this day of my installation as pastor of St. Lazare Parish, I become aware of this divine call and my ministerial vocation.  In all humility I surrender myself to God, "Here I am Lord, I come to do your will”. I know for me, a new life begins with you as a baptized person, and for you as a pastor," St. Augustine told us. We will walk together, respecting our baptismal and ministerial vocation, in benevolence and mutual trust.

I understand and accept the gifts that God has given me with my weaknesses, my limitations. We are located between the station of St. Charles and the ports of Marseilles. We have the large shopping centres, such as the docks, the terrace of the port which attract a fashion.  We are gifted by the various institutions of higher education that train the young people by which our future will be defined. We also live in a very diverse neighbourhood. How can we build a pastoral care without being aware of their presence among us?  I know that I cannot do everything. Yet with God's grace, and with your cooperation, I believe with certainty that God will complete all that he has begun today.

I thank you Archbishop, Mgr. Jean Marc AVELIN for your trust and patience, for your warm welcome and for the sweetness of your words.  If I am here in France, especially in Marseilles, it because of the Congregation, which has trusted me. And, to you my faithful, I would like to address you with the same words of St. Paul, which we heard in the second reading. "To you, grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. May we all be animated by the Holy Spirit. As P. Claret tells us, let the Holy Spirit lead us to the Way, for the great glory of God and the salvation of the world. I thank you all who have come to support me, particularly for all those who pray for me. I need you and your prayers. Pray for me and for my parish. Thank you.



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