Baptism of the Lord

Publié le 11 Janvier 2020

Today we celebrate with the Universal Church, the Baptism of the Lord. Looking at the baptism of the Lord, and all that happened on that day, we will understand not only the meaning of our own baptism, but also the Christian duties. We know very well that Jesus was not in need of baptism, the baptism of conversion that John the Baptist proposed. Yet He chose to do so, so that in Him all humanity might become the perfect man, in the image of God. The water that was used for the rite of purification is purified by the baptism of the Lord. From now on, when we receive baptism, we will receive not only the water, but also the Spirit who affirms us that we are God's children through sanctification and consecration.

Jesus wanted to give the world the first means of sanctification.  Baptism is not only for conversion, but to receive God's grace. God wanted to make us worthy, raising us from children of men to become children of God. By this act God merges man with his divinity. Humanly, John was not able to understand everything. Therefore the Lord will say to him, 'Leave it like that now', because the world will understand the signification of baptism later.

In the baptism of the Lord John understood that baptism will no longer be a human act, it will be a divine act. He saw and heard. He was a witness of this divine intervention. This divine intervention helps us to understand our own identity as children of God. We are the beloved ones  of the Father. That is why Jesus asked us to be perfect, like His Father. Baptism grants us this grace of perfection, which will lead us to divine holiness.

The baptism of the Lord was a new beginning. His hour has come for man to discover Him by his deeds and works. Until the Baptism of the Lord we had the divine manifestation, the manifestations by divine intervention, which where direct. Today Jesus is called in his humanity to have a mystical experience that will be there for us. A new hope for humanity, a new creation, a new Adam in the image of God, has become visible to the world.

In celebrating the Baptism of the Lord, we remember our baptism, our divine identity which is revealed in the Baptism of the Lord, and we assume our Christian duty. Let us be the light of the world and the salt of the earth. We will do this through an act of love and charity, inspired by the Holy Spirit. The consecration that we have received will lead us towards the fulfilment of the Divine will. Amen.


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