2nd of November

Publié le 1 Novembre 2019

On this day of prayer for the dead, we stand before the Lord of mercy and ask for grace. Yesterday while celebrating the feast of All Saints, we said, that holiness is a gift that God offers us, and He instructed us through His only Son, the path of beatitudes as the password, the key to door, to decode this mystery of life. We are certainly called to live in holiness and be holy. This life has for the eternity.

That is why, for Christians, death is not the end, but it is a new beginning of life, again a new life, a new birth, with the Lord, in the house prepared for us. Certainly, this life is not altogether new, for we are already beginning it on earth, in a limited and partial way, and we will live it fully after death.

The Lord said, "Today you will be with me in paradise. My brothers and sisters in Christ, be aware  and reminded of the truth of a great teaching of the Lord on the Cross. We are already in the Kingdom of God. So, let's learn to live worthily on earth, like the children of God, as God. Be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. To live this life in perfection, we must associate ourselves, not only with life on earth, but also with life in the heaven. "Happy, rather, who listens to the Word of God and puts it into practice. "

How can we associate with heaven, while staying on the earth? "Whenever you did it to one of these smaller brothers, you did it to me. The answer is simple, to make the little ones grow and in their littleness, to seek the Lord who awaits us there. We found the Lord in his humanity for the first time, in the manger and for the last time in the Cross. Do you want to serve the Lord? Put yourself, not in Herod's palaces, but in the manger and before the cross, where Lord is still the living, totally diminished and oppressed. Let's be this a Good Samaritan, able to pause, and we'll see poor Lazarus, not in the street, but right in front of our door.

Yesterday we meditated on the beatitudes. They are certainly the path of holiness. This life of holiness helps us to carry the burners of our daily  life and those of others in joy and persistence. We pray today for our deceased brothers and entrust them to divine mercy. We ask Him to welcome them into our Father's house. "God so loved the world, sent His only begotten Son, not to judge us, but through him that the world be saved. "Remember me, when you come in your kingdom". May the Souls of our departed brothers and sisters, may rest in peace.  Amen.

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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