26th Ordianry Sunday

Publié le 28 Septembre 2019

The universal church celebrates this Sunday as a migrant's Sunday, and Holy Father tells us, 'It's not just about migrants: it's about our humanity.' God created the world and found it good. This land where we are, is rich and belongs to all. God is not against the rich, but against those with rich means who live their lives totally disconnected from the reality of the humanity and also disconnected from God, the Creator. In the first reading we heard, "They do not worry about the disaster of Israel. "

This is why the prophets urged the people of Israel to care for the poor and weak in society as their own brothers and sisters. Pope Francis invites us to become good Samaritans, filled with compassion and love. Today we are these Samaritans, sent by the Lord, to this world wounded, torn and despised. Lord is inviting us to open the doors, so that our house becomes habitable to the needy and be a home to all .

The poor Lazarus are always in front of our door and they need us. For that, do not be satisfied with our charity, our words, our acts and our prayers. They need us, the person, a being beside him or her, as the Father's envoy. The instructions given by St. Paul to Timothy must be applied in force. "You, man of God, seek justice, piety, faith, charity, perseverance and gentleness. Lead the good fight, that of faith, take hold of eternal life! St. Ignatius Loyola tells us that every human struggle for a Christian is a spiritual struggle. It is God who desires to acts in us and we are called to answer him. With Timothy, St. Paul invites us to preserve intact and uncompromising the doctrine of the Church (faith) and the Spirit of the Lord that we received at our baptism.

This parable of poor Lazarus asks us to make an evaluation of the Christian life. How do we live our faith and how do we respond to the divine call? Why do we come to church every Sunday? What meaning do we give to our spiritual life, especially prayer? We are this rich man who have many good things, talents, gifts, which we keep for ourselves.

This rich man who did not recognize Lazarus on the earth who was in front of his door until death, has recognized his presence after his death, even if he is very far from him. This parable ends, however, with much hope, My son, ...... they have Moses and the prophets; that they listen to them! This is the lesson received from the gospel of the day: If we listen to the Word of God that is filled with love and mercy and if we put this commandment of love into practice, we will be saved.

Let’s be clear when we speak of wealth, is not that the material wealth that is at stake in this parable, or an act of the day, but any kind of wealth of life including love which is not shared, and the entire life of us is counted in this richness. Many of us are not aware that we are rich.

Through your Eucharist, Lord, come transform us so that each of us sees you in his brother whoever they are. You send us back to Moses and the prophets; you challenge us by your Gospel but also by the voice of one who cries out his distress. Open our eyes and our hearts, free us from our selfishness because it is in sharing that we can be faithful to your word. Amen.


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