The Assumption (Evening Mass)

Publié le 14 Août 2019

In celebrating the feast of the Assumption, we recognize in Mary, the one who inaugurated the destiny opened to men by the resurrection of her Son and anticipates what will become the condition of the saved at the end of time. Mary's YES helped us to discover the economy of salvation, the death and resurrection of her Son, and how much God continues to love us. Her presence at the foot of the cross comforted us, at Cana gives us hope and at the end on the day of Pentecost with the Apostles, we affirm her participation in the fulfilment of the divine will. Since she was faithful to the Word of God and even in her ordinary being she was extraordinary.

The feast of the Assumption reminds us of the recognition of this great personality in Mary and in the Church life of the Lord. We, all members of this Church are called to recognize her role of intercession and her mediator in our salvation. This recognition actually comes from God. We are recognized by God when we give ourselves freely to the fulfilment of His will.

For this, we must not forget the story of salvation and associate ourselves with those wonders that God has done for us. We are still involved in this story and we believe that God continues to do these wonders today. "Happy is she who believed in the fulfilment of the words spoken to her from the Lord. "

In faith, in Mary, we find our hope. The girl who will run to her cousin Elizabeth, to lend her a helping hand, will come to us, give us the necessary support, so that we, like her, can participate in the promised salvation. Mary, who received the fruit of the Holy Spirit, even before the feast of Pentecost, affirms to us, by ordinary life, we too can by our fidelity to the Word of God, and by our positive commitment to fulfilment of the will of God, to become like her, the hope of the world.

Mary represents a saved humanity. In it our humanity will find the way to salvation. By imitating Mary, in a radical way, we can respond to the requirement of Jesus, who called us to be perfect. The fulfilment of this requirement is found in the recognition of Jesus in his Mother, "Happy are those who listen to the Word of God and keep it. "

Do we recognize in this feast a humanity raised in Mary who is able to receive the grace of God in her perfection? God raised up His humble servant and in it the whole Church will be. This elevation offered to Mary is symbolically offered to her Church, of which we are a member. With Mary and the Church of the Lord, the promise made to Abraham is a certainty for all humanity of the day. In this maternal love of Mary, let us, like her, carry Christ in our human encounter, so that all those who come to us will jump with the same joy of John the Baptist. Amen.

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