23rd of August

Publié le 22 Août 2019

Gospel text

(Mt 22,34-40): 


When the Pharisees heard how Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, they came together. One of them, a teacher of the Law, tried to test him with this question, «Teacher, which is the most important commandment in the Law?». Jesus answered, «You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and the most important of the commandments. But after this there is another one very similar to it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. The whole Law and the Prophets are founded on these two commandments».


The Application


Jesus helps us to understand the essential of life, particularly a Christian life: LOVE.  This love finds its root in God and enlarged to the whole humanity. Once this root is acknowledge and positively engaged, then, in our humanity we learn to act divinely. Christ by His incarnation made it possible to us, by raising our sinful humanity in a dignified way, through His Cross and resurrection.  

Any love relationship which is to be concrete and authentic, demands certain amount of knowledge and proximity. Saint Augustin says, ‘to know God we should love Him and to love Him we should know Him. Thus this relationship is mutual exchange and understanding. Loving God with all the heart, soul and mind, though look as something impossible, but in truth in Jesus’ humanity it is possible.

It is in Christ love we learn to love our brothers and sisters. It is through His humanity we are called to participate in the divine holiness. It is here that we get our source and energy to love our brothers and sisters, because they are the very Christ who is to be loved and the love to be received. Once we fail to see the Christ in our brothers and sisters, this love relationship that we would like to establish with God, will disappear, beyond our reach.

The action of the day: Verify if you really love God and choose from your daily activities, an act of pure love.






«You shall love the Lord, your God... You shall love your neighbor as yourself»



Fr. Pere CALMELL i Turet 
(Barcelona, Spain)

Today, a teacher of the law ask Jesus «Teacher, which is the most important commandment in the Law?» (Mt 22:36), the most important one is the first commandment. The answer, however, speaks of a first commandment and of a second commandment, which «is very similar to it» (Mt 22:39). Two inseparable rings, which are the very same thing. Inseparable, but a first one and a second one, a golden one and a silver one. The Lord takes us to the depths of Christian catecheses, because «the whole Law and the Prophets are founded on these two commandments» (Mt 22:40).

This could explain the classic commentary of the two woods of the Lord's Cross: the upright beam stuck in the soil is the verticality, looking at heaven towards God. The crossbar represents the horizontality, the relations with our fellowmen. In this image there is also a first and a second. Horizontality would be at ground level if we should not have before stuck a vertical beam, so the more we desire to raise the level of our service to others —horizontality— the taller our love for God must go. Otherwise, dejection, fickleness, demanding compensations of any kind, will get easily hold of us. St. John of the Cross says: «The more a soul loves, the more perfect is in what it loves; this is why in this soul that is already perfect, is entirely love and all its actions are love».

The saints we know allow us to see how, in fact, their love for God is expressed in many different ways, and gives them a great amount of initiative when it comes to helping their fellowmen. Today, let us ask the Mother of God to fill us with the desire of surprising Our Lord with deeds and words of affection. Thus, our heart will be able to discover how to surprise with some nice little detail those who live and work next to us, and not only in their festivity, for that everybody knows how to do it.
Surprise!: a practical way to think less about ourselves.


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