11th of August

Publié le 11 Août 2019

We belong to a chosen people and chosen by God. The Passover feast of the Old Testament helps us to understand the election of the Hebrews and how God accompanied them. Today we celebrate  not only the Passover of OT but the Easter of the Lord who has united us as one people, people of God, a people of the Eucharist. This is why the Christian life becomes a life of eternal renewal. We celebrate and remember, the death and resurrection of the Lord and the baptism that made us  worthy to participate in the eschatological event, the promised salvation, a divine acknowledgment on our final day. Every morning we renew our baptismal commitment: to hear the Word of God regularly, to meditate on this Word in our heart and to put it into practice.

We are the servants who are faithful to our Master who loves us. It is in this love that we serve the Lord in the service of the people. What service does Jesus speak of today? Keep your lights on. We must be the light of the world, which lights up all the time. A light of hope and truth. Looking at our lives, let others discover how to love and forgive each other.

We must be like that good Samaritan who knew how to take a break from his journey. He was able to share everything he could, including his time, presence, and possessions. He was the light of hope. To be ready is not a static state, but a vigilant state, like the shepherds of Bethlehem. It is in this good courage, in our awareness, ready to give everything, we hear not only the cries of our brothers and sisters, but also the good news of the angels of the Lord. We will recognize the divine presence in our life, His unconditional love and how much God needs us.

To be ready does not only invite oneself to the service of the people, but also to prayer, to be connected to the divine will. Recognize the presence of the Master, even if He is not visible before us. For the Lord tells us that the thief is vigilant. Let's never forget our daily prayers. Let's always stay connected to God, like a branch of the vine. Disconnected, we will not have life and we can never give the fruit.

To be ready, tells us that we are a people of God, a people of faith. The history of salvation tells us all the time of the liberating events in the insecurity of the desert where the people under the guidance of Moses, acceded to the order of faith. Forty years of walking was filled with events of encounters with God, a recognition of divine works in their difficult and tested times. Let us not be discouraged and feel abandoned, for our God does not sleep.

My friends, I invite you to look at the Gospel of the day and to draw from it the words that can nourish our hope. Do not be afraid, 'Watch' 'Get ready' and 'Stay in service' keeping our lights on. May this Word radiate our Christian life and guide and animate us. Amen.


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