7th of April (English)

Publié le 7 Avril 2019

God makes us to born and help us to reborn, when we fail to live up to our own dignity, as the children of God. The story of the people of God reveals the economy of salvation, the plan of incarnation of God on earth. We know that this plan of salvation is marked by an act of extreme violence, with the death on the cross of Jesus. This death on the cross and its resurrection constitute the foundation of the Christian faith. The economy of salvation thus remains sealed by this experience of violence and of peace that the resurrection brings us.

The encounter of this woman and the crowd together with the Lord shows us a concrete act of the economy of salvation, and helps us to understand, how God saves us. We heard it in the first reading "Do not remember past events, do not think about things of old." Here I am doing something new; it is already germinating, do not you see it? Saint Paul bears witness to this. The meeting of Saul the soldier with the Lord gave birth to Paul the apostle of the Lord. A totally transformed man will give his life to the announcement of the Good News. In Jesus he discovered a new life, a totally free life.

If we want to be reborn like Paul, we must look at Jesus and his behavior and imitate the behavior of this woman of the gospel of the day. Everyone is looking for a concrete answer from the Lord's mouth. Jesus in front of a totally agitated people, kept a silence, a great mysterious silence. This silence speaks to us, louder than speech. Jesus, who is good, gives a wise counsel to his people who have already judged this woman: "He who is without sin, let him be the first to throw stones at her. The silence of the Lord has given rise to a saving silence. This silence helps us to discover ourselves and which will lead us to conversion. It is in this inner silence that has emptied the anger and the aggressive action that Jesus wish to fill with His mercy and forgiveness.

Let's look at the woman, alone before the Lord, fully inhabited by this contemplative silence. She is no longer the same as that brought by the scribes and Pharisees, filled with fear and shame. She is a new creature, stands before the Lord of mercy, to be liberated by the Lord. She did not leave and she stays with the Lord for the just judgment. Like the Father who has welcomed his prodigal son, the Lord sees nothing in her that deserves a condemnation. A total reconversion deserves a perfect absolution. Forgiveness is offered free of charge to all who ask for it. For that, one must stay with the Lord, before His presence,  to listen to Him. And he will say to us, "Go, and henceforth do not sin again. "

It is desirable that once the forgiveness received, we continue our life in the Lord, following the commandment of love and sharing. We must stay awake, nurture our soul and nourish our faith regularly. Thus, we can like this woman, totally be liberated, we can go home, filled with mercy and love.

Today, I would put myself in the silent crowd listening to the Lord and remain with the Lord in contemplation and prayer. I need to listen to him, to be with him and feel his presence. How much I would like to hear this Word of the Lord, "Me neither, I do not condemn you. Go and sin no more. Lord, my liberator, come to save me, and I will sing, the Lord has done wonders: here I am in joy. Amen.


Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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