2nd Lenten Sunday

Publié le 17 Mars 2019

We are all a people of covenant, called, chosen, consecrated and sent into the world as a people faithful to the commandment of love and to remain as a living witness to this love received. Since we are an Alliance people, we remember not only the covenant made, but also the One who made this covenant with us and our commitment. Our infidelity makes us forget not only this alliance, but also our own commitment.

The time of Lent helps us once again to rediscover this God of Covenant and to renew our commitment. For that, you have to trust like Abraham, walk and climb the mountain like the disciples, with the Lord. By staying with Him, we will discover that God has a project and He will reveal it to us more than what we can imagine. This project has two aspects, one is personal and the other common. Personal, because God commits us personally for a project that is dear to Him. So this project will become personal and dear for us. It is common, because through our personal commitments, God wants to save the world.

The gospel of the day gives us the leads. Everything is easily possible in an atmosphere of prayer, silence and out pouring of the Holy Spirit. Jesus wanted to share with his disciples his glory, the divine glory. God wants to share with us his glory, his glory in Jesus Christ. God engage Himself and takes the risk of giving us a foretaste of divine glory that in turn will inspire in us a desire for eternal life.

In Jesus we have already met God, especially in his humanity. God wants to meet us not only in our humanity, He wants us to meet Him in His divinity. This encounter is only possible in prayer, in communion with Him, in which God will transform us and share his will with us. For that, you have to listen to Him. The message of the transfiguration was, 'listen to Him', listen to God in the Bible, in the consecrated ones, the oriented ones, the one sent by the Lord, to listen to the transformed people, the people who are connected to God.

It is in this listening we will discover the importance of passion, death and also the resurrection. Through passion in Jesus, God participates in our suffering, in our precariousness, even in our death. Thus He raises us from here simple beings, to extraordinary beings, the man who is able worthily to represent God. To represent God in the world, we must, like Him, participate in the daily sufferings of man. Do not go away from the precariousness of man, because God wants us to be there to be a living witness of His presence and his love.

It was a time the law received from Moses in the mountains and faithfulness to this transmitted law  saved the people. The prophets represented by Elijah in this meeting who met God on a mountain in the murmur of a brize, accomplished this project of God. Today, God has chosen us, because in Jesus everything is accomplished, the law and the prophecies. In celebrating this Eucharist, we are climbing with the Lord on the mountain and a divine encounter is proposed that will transform us. Let us listen to the word of God, let us nourish ourselves with the Bread of Heaven and announce the Good News and through our life witness accomplish the divine will.  Amen.



Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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