17th of February (English)

Publié le 17 Février 2019

God created man in His own image and He found that to be good. To know this God better, you have to know the man. To know the man better, you have to know ourselves. This knowledge of oneself will help man not only to act better towards himself, but also to act before man and God, his Creator. If man is able to put himself before this truth, the truth of his divinity in his humanity, of his origin in God, he will put all his trust in this God. The prophet Jeremiah tells us, "Blessed be the man who puts his faith in the Lord, of which the Lord is the trust. "

I am the 'Way, truth and life' said the Lord to Thomas. In this truth is the resurrection and in this resurrection our life is connected and it is fully configured to the very life of Christ. That's why we call ourselves Christians and we derive our identity from Christ the Saviour. We are the covenant people, a people faithful to the commandment of love, a people synonymous with hope. We believe that with God we can have everything and do everything.

It is in this fidelity and certainty that man learns to give himself and to share. Thus, 'I am poor', does not translate as I have no money, rather, in everything I have there is an obligation of sharing and it is for all. I am only a mediator or distributor. As the servant who has received five talents, I have an obligation to preserve and multiply them. The richness, including that of  spiritual, entrusted in us, deserves a multiplication. This multiplication is only possible if we learn to share what little we have.

Neither can we translate this poverty naively with mere sharing. This poverty requires us to trust God's providence. It invites us to detach ourselves from everything and to attach ourselves to the Lord. Everything comes from the Lord and everything belongs to the Lord, including our being, give to the Lord all that He belongs. This is justice and the foundation of faith.

The madness of the world can invade us and it is able to push us to say like this rich man of the bible who said, here you have all that is needed, I will enlarge and let my soul rest in peace. This dependence on material things will bring us misfortune. Jesus invites us to vigilance and benevolence. We need to be watchful that the means that God has entrusted for our wellbeing, may  never become our masters. May the Lord alone be our Master and let’s be the true disciples of the Lord. Amen.

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