Advent Message

Publié le 1 Décembre 2018

Advent season carries in itself a living message of hope to all Christians, who await eagerly for the second coming of Christ. We know that the first coming of Jesus was for us in our own status of the humanity, accepting to live in our own poverty. This coming was not ‘a project B’ derived from the project ‘A’ of the creation, explains Saint Bonaventure. God has right from the beginning willed that His Son will come to redeem us. It’s in the same orientation that we continue to hope for the second coming.

Logically, the second coming can’t carry the save elements of redemption with simple humanity and poverty. It will be certainly and justifiably in His divinity and in His glory. Thus we believe, it won’t be a humble redemption, but will be with Royal and definitive salvation. Some will be resurrected for the salvation and the other will be for the condemnation. The readings from Apocalypse which preceded this Advent season, sufficiently narrated the divine glory, surrounded by angels and saints. It is here that we are expected to be and all our preparation orients us to this event, expected with joyful hope.

For all those who seek the divine deliverance, with hope and perseverance, listening and keeping the Word of God, this season is a moment of consoling newness and joyful expectation, says Holy Father Francis. The newness is brought by our own creativity in executing the mission entrusted to us, by using the means and talents that God has already put us. The consoling aspect of life has being received from the Lord, because He is a compassionate God. Thus in we become a source of newness in our society.

The joyful expectation is purely the fruit of our faith experience. We believe in the Word of God in Jesus and verify our faith by closely observing our salvation history, which we participate still today by our passive and active engagements. It’s joyful because we are connected in the project of accomplishing the will of the Father. We continue to expect, because the Kingdom of God is already here and not yet fully established. Thus our hope is the second coming of Jesus to save us and judge us.

How to achieve this? By simply watching and praying. Watching our words and deeds that we may not distrait from the plan of God. Watching is not simply avoiding bad and evil, but also watching our failure to do what is just before the eyes of God. Watching, whether I do all that is expected from me from the Lord. The second means proposed to us is, praying. Praying is simply listening and speaking to God, a sincere inter-personal relationship with God. God speaks in silence and silence is the best way of speaking with God. The more we keep silence in our prayer, the more we give space to God. The more we keep silence, the more we are tuned to listen to what the Lord desires to communicate to us.

I wish you all a meaningful Advent celebration. God bless you all.

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