33rd Sunday

Publié le 18 Novembre 2018

We are all part of the pilgrim church who walks towards the perfection of holiness, especially in the joy of the definitive coming of the Lord. As we walk toward this destination, towards the Lord's hour, we become aware not only of our present state, but also of others who are with us. This call to perfection and our march towards the Lord's day, even if it is an individual and personal initiative, it is essentially common with others, because God wants to save all. The life we ​​have received has its purpose in the reproduction of life, for oneself and also for others. You have to know how to be reborn daily and to give life to our brothers and sisters.

The readings of the day are filled with hope that invite us to become aware of the day of the Lord and that we be well prepared like the wise virgins, to welcome him when He comes to judge us. That day He would like to find us with the righteous and the saints, singing the glory of God. For this, one must always remain connected with God in obedience and fidelity, as Noah, ready to meet God’s requirement, even if we do not understand anything. To listen to all that God will tell us, to recognize his call of every day, and to put all in practice will be the joy of a people who love him. With Mary, like her, we have to learn to say, 'Thy will be done.'

How to recognize this God and his will? Very simple, watch and listen, says the Lord. Look at the world that God has created and his wealth and listen to the cry of his creation and the people he loves. You have to be able to share the material goods generously with all those who need them. It is important to listen to the cries of the poor, the wretches who are like poor Lazarus in front of our door. For the people of God, Daniel brings an inexhaustible hope of the Lord, who will come back to save us. Saint Paul assures us that we have someone in Christ to protect us and to plead for us. For us, He has already come and we are waiting for his last advent.

The death and resurrection of the Lord is the foundation of our faith. He will come back again to save us forever. It is here that our hope finds its meaning of existence. We wait for him with certainty because He said to us, 'Heaven and earth will pass, my words will not pass.’ Next Sunday we will celebrate the feast of Christ the King, and we prepare ourselves spiritually for this event in joy. Let's not forget to look at the fig trees, the stars, the sun in our daily life, especially in all our human encounter, because it is here that God has chosen to reveal himself. Watch daily that the messengers of God and his angels find a warm place in our homes and in our hearts. Amen.


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