14th of October (English)

Publié le 13 Octobre 2018

The gospel of the day is a way of life and if applied in our daily life, we can learn to discern and act in a right way, according to the divine will, which will in return will assure us the joy of eternal life. This path is a path of wisdom that helps us to discern not only spiritual part of our life, but also the good gestation of our material life.

If we look at the gospel of the day we will find out that Jesus is on the march, on the march towards us, towards a people He loves. A program already launched and he is on the way. It is here that he is obliged to take a break, by a profession of faith, "Good Master". Since He is good, it is necessary for him to stop and listen to the concern of his people. He will listen carefully to this man's request, and he will not stop his journey. Jesus will associate this goodness with his Father, for He is with Him. Jesus is in the Father, he will certainly restart his journey, to fulfil the divine will. For us Christians, we must know how to stop and restart, like the Good Samaritan, by doing everything we can do, with our limits and capacities.

In order to have eternal life, Jesus directs us once again to ourselves with the means He has already provided. These are the sacred writings, the history of salvation, the tradition of the people, the cults we celebrate, etc. are there to accompany us on this journey towards holiness.  We cannot address ourselves  before God without being faithful to our baptismal commitments. If we are faithful to our Christian commitments, like this young man, we will have a good gift, a precious gift, a divine gaze, a look filled with love and compassion. "Jesus looked at him and loved him. "This look of love will show us all that we lack, as it did to this man who sought eternal life.

It was in this love that the Lord proposed this requirement to him. A requirement outside our scope? Certainly not. God has granted him a material and also spiritual wealth.  This desire for eternal life is a spiritual richness that God already put in heart. Yet this man did not want to use his material wealth to acquire spiritual wealth. The solution was just to give up everything that was stopping you from moving forward in life. A life of holiness cannot be attached only to the fleshly goods.

To remove all that is wrong and evil in us is an obligation. Even a small child knows this without giving him a lesson in discernment. Removing all that is good in us, especially that which hinders us from moving forward, requires a process of discernment, a spiritual discernment. The goods that God granted to this man had a purpose that he conveniently ignored. Since this wealth prevented him from advancing towards the holiness he desired, the Lord suggested that he move away from his material goods.

God is not against wealth, yet he is against the wealth that we have disproportionately appropriated, against the divine will. God is against the hardness of heart that refuses to share with others who need it. God created the world and He found it good. Fortunately, he still finds it good.

Today's gospel gives us a lot of hope. He invites us not to close our hearts, but to open them to the infinite of God. God reminds us, "you are missing one thing, one thing only". You must know how to empty yourself, so that I can fill you with grace and happiness. He warns us that our dependence on the material or intellectual goods, may hinder us to have our hope in the providence of the Lord. The more we think that we are rich, the more is the danger of going away from God.

Lord, I surrender myself to you. May you take me in grace and bless me. I share with you this prayer of covenant that Saint Ignatius gave us to conclude my homily. "Take, Lord, and receive all my freedom, my memory, my intelligence and all my will, all that I have, You have given it to me;  Lord, I give it back. Everything is yours, dispose of it according to your entire will. Give me your love and grace. That's enough for me. Amen.


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