23rd Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 9 Septembre 2018

Jesus is in full movement, from the inside of his divinity which is invisible to the outside world, towards the visible sign by a miracle.  By this visible act of moving from the place of security towards a foreign country, a pagan country, He proves to us His willingness to save us.  His presence is happily noticed and moved an entire world and once again, they are all together, the sick and the healthy carriers who bring the sick to the Lord.  There is a perfect communion of people living together. It can be a model for our ego centric world. Their faith in Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world, made them to make a supplication for the sick of their society. Lots of expectations and Jesus made a choice of the sick, among the many.  In these noises of the world, in these movements of peoples, (inner and outer movements) Jesus seeks a place of silence and a place of encounter, so that the other can have a personal encounter with the Lord.  It is important to establish an inner silence for any divine encounter.

‘As he looked up to Heaven’. This breath of the Lord, and associating it to the heaven, helps us to realise that its origin is in his Father. It is no longer Jesus alone at work, but in union with his Father who gives life and frees this person from all his infirmity. The liberation that God gives us is a Trinitarian and missionary liberation. God works together and by imitating God, we must learn to work with others. In our pastoral or social commitment, we represent the universal Church. Let us be aware of this truth, that our words and actions may be worthy of this holy and Catholic Church.  In and through us, it is the Church which is represented and through the Church, it’s our Lord who is in action.

God works in us and through us. He needs us and our generosity. If all Christians commit themselves, according to our baptismal vocation, the blind will see the light, the deaf will hear the Word of God, and the lame will leap like a deer. With God we can dream of a desert where the living water will flow.

God comes with revenge. He comes to remove and make disappear the evil, the injustice, the blindness, in this world He created. God created the world and He found it good. He is there to restore his goodness, his infinite love for all of us. Let us open ourselves to this hope and express our faith our openness, in our actions and in our words that save the people.  My dear friends, we must learn to move from our place od security towards the peripheries of our society, put our fingers in your ears, touch the tongue, look up to heaven, sigh and pray. "Open up" Let us open ourselves to God and others. May the Lord bless us. Amen.



Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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