20th Ordinary Sunday

Publié le 19 Août 2018

Jesus invites us to a meal, a great meal, which gives us eternal life. Eternal life is not simply a life that does not know death, a long life, but a perfect knowledge and union with the Father. This knowledge  and union is possible only if we live in Christ and through Christ. To live a life in Christ is made possible by the Eucharist. By eating the flesh and drinking the Blood of the Lord, we become in flesh and blood, Christ for us, and for others as well.

Becoming another is possible by grace. We are no longer an ancient man who associates himself with the Adam, but a new man who associates himself with Christ, the Man par excellence, the Man-God. The Sunday gathering is a response to the invitation of wisdom. "Come, eat my bread, drink the wine that I have prepared. Leave the giddiness and you will live, take the intelligence. "

This intelligence will help us to watch the time and discover the divine will and now through the intelligence, we will not live like crazy, but as wise, with a perfect conduct before the eyes of God. How is it possible? In all our communications we are invited to say psalms, hymns and inspired songs, and put all that we say in practice. Thus we will sing the Lord and celebrate him with all our heart. By living this way, we will respond positively to St. Paul's requirement.

If Jesus gives us his flesh and blood as a food worthy of this life in God, it is because, Eucharist is the only means easily available for us to have the right balance of the Spirit (eschatology) and the flesh (of the world). It is a moment of Easter, a moment of pass-over. Move from here to the other. To move from our 'humanity' to the other 'divinity'. This passage from us (weak) to HIM (perfection), is a moment of celebration and purification, where the blood is poured once and for all. The Eucharist makes this transformation of man, a configuration to Christ possible. It is in this humanity of Jesus, (flesh and blood) that we become divine, a dwelling worthy of God. Without this Eucharist we can not remain in God, as Jesus dwells in Him. Becoming the Christ who is able to abide naturally in his Father, was it not the prayer of Jesus before his departure to his Father?

Through the Eucharist we feel together with others and it makes us Catholic and universal. Through the Eucharist we enter the Trinitarian life while remaining on the earth. Christ lives in the Father by his own divine nature and we Christians live it from the Son through the medium of bread. Are we hungry for this Bread?


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