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Publié le 3 Juin 2018

(This homily is prepared for the young students of 12/13 years old for their day of the profession of their Faith and three of them receive their first communion. Thus the language is simple without great theological explanation. )


(This homily is prepared for the young students of 12/13 years old for their day of the profession of their Faith and three of them receive their first communion. Thus i have tried to make the language  simple without great theological explanation. The students will tell me whether i have done justice to them )


It is the feast of the profession of faith that brings us together in this church of St. Bernadette. By professing this Catholic faith, you take charge with the accompaniment of the Holy Spirit, the responsibility to yourself  to rediscover that God who dwells in you. Since three Sundays we have been celebrating the mysteries of Ascension, the feast of Pentecost, and last Sunday was the feast of the Trinity. Today the universal Church celebrates the Blessed Sacrament, the Body and Blood of the Lord, 'Corpus Christi'. On this day, we have three young people out of 27 who will make their first communion.

The heart of our faith is in the Eucharist, because it is a visible sign that we can touch it, look and taste. If the Lord has given us this Sacrament, there are three ends. The first ; that we are invited to give thanks to the Lord for his permanent presence among us and also to honour and adore him. The second, to educate us about the mystery of the divine presence in our world, even if we do not deserve it. The third, that we discover the great gift that God has offered us and that we learn to accept this receive it in a dignified way.

What is this gift that we are offered? We heard in the first reading that God made a covenant with his people by shedding blood. He is still doing it with us in the Eucharist. Jesus shed his blood and He will always do it. The Eucharist is a perfect covenant made by Christ for us, so that we may be a dignified place that God makes it as His home and we be able to welcome his presence in us.

Here is my Body and here is my Blood, is an invitation to all those who believe in the resurrection. For Christians, the Cross is a doorway to eternal life, the door to the true resurrection that Jesus promised us. Last Friday you received the cross that reminds you of the price God paid to save us. Let us never forget the good the Lord has done to us. God is still working with us and for us, particularly  through our parents, brothers and sisters, teachers, friends, etc. We must know how to accept the daily crosses that will bring us to the resurrection, because there are many around us carry this cross for us.

The establishment of the Eucharist was held in all discretion. That day the disciples did not feel anything like a grandiose action. It was like any other year, the great feast of Passover.  Yet later on, it is here that they found the source of their faith and transmitted this gift to us. In your daily approach to the Lord, as today, perhaps you will not find anything. We are like the disciples of Emmaus. We will understand it and feel it later. Today God speaks to you directly in this Sacrament. Each Eucharistic celebration is a new covenant. Watch everything, listen to everything you hear, observe not only the outward movements, but also the inner movements, because God dwells there. The fait you have professed today is the flame of hope, joy and love that God has established in the Eucharist. Protect it and preserve it preciously that this flame continue to give light for you and for all those who surround you. God bless you all.



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